How can a museum studies minor enrich your life and lead to a career?


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A museum studies minor requires 18 credits, which when completed in conjunction with a relevant academic major, will prepare you to for entry-level positions in museums and related cultural institutions. You may also decide to pursue a graduate program in museum studies or a related field. This includes a wide range of types of museums: art museums, natural history museums, museums of science and technology, history museums, planetariums, botanical gardens and zoos.


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Justin Koch
Justin Koch '21,
history major, museum studies minor

Catherine A. Caraher History Prize award recipient,
2021 College of Liberal Arts & Education

“History has always been something I had a deep interest for throughout my life, whether it be through books, movies, or even video games. However, the reason I have decided to pursue a history major is because I look at what has been happening in our country recently and I notice that a great deal of people seem to have forgotten the past, or even refuse to acknowledge it. I feel if I can be one more person who can help educate people about the past and why it is important to learn from our previous mistakes, then we just might be a little better off in the long run.”  

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