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One of the Longest Running Broadcast Shows in the U.S.

University of Detroit Mercy's quirky quiz show has been on the air since the 1950s.

Today, the show is moderated by Matthew J. Mio, Ph.D.,  associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry. Ask the Professor is an unrehearsed show of questions and answers, where you, the audience, can try to stump the professors of University of Detroit Mercy. The program features University of Detroit Mercy faculty members from chemistry, communications, English, history, math and philosophy.

This panel of professors is challenged by listeners who send in questions about almost anything, in an attempt to stump the group. Communication Studies students help produce the successful radio program, and each show is recorded and available as a podcast from iTunes.

Send in Questions; Stump the Profs; Get a Cool Mug!

All you need to do to be sipping your morning brew out of one of these fabulous mugs is to send in a list of questions and answers to producer Michael Jayson. If your questions stump the profs, we'll mail you a mug!  Send us your questions through Fax or email.


    How to Send in Your Questions!

    Questions can range in topic from the ridiculous to the sublime. Be sure to include your answers!  You can even listen to past shows to get an idea of the variety of questions our listeners send in.

    Submit your questions and answers by email:

    When sending by email, be sure to include:

    • Your Name
    • Your Mailing Address (so we can send you a prize!).

Did You See Us on Michigan Under the Radar?

Check out our TV appearance with the great folks from Michigan Under the Radar.  Our segment starts 8 minutes into the show.
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Bill Rabe, creator of Ask the Professor Bill Rabe - Creator of Ask the Professor

Listen to a historical reflection on the program from Bill Rabe!

Listen to past episodes dating back to 2014.
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Recent episodes

  1. Episode # 1941 Download
    Air date: 6/16/19 (v.o.@ 00:28:19) This week’s encore edition of Ask The Professor is from October 2008. Featuring Kathy Bush, Dan Maggio and Roy Finkenbine.

  2. Episode # 1940 Download
    Air date: 6/9/19 (v.o.@ 00:28:17) More ATP memories from September 2008 and more MLB trivia questions.

  3. Episode # 1939 Download
    Air date: 6/2/19 (v.o.@ 00:28:42) On this week’s edition of the show, we’re enjoying more Ask The Professor memories from September 2008. Featuring long-time ATP moderator Kathy Bush with Professors Jeffe Boats (Mathematics and Computer Science), Roy Finkenbine (History), Dan Maggio (Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program) and special guest Professor Tom Stanton (Communication Studies).

  4. Episode # 1938 Download
    Air date: 5/26/19 (v.o.@00:28:35) On this week’s encore edition of a classic Ask The Professor program, we go back to September 2008. ATP moderator Kathy Bush is joined by Professors Dan Maggio, Roy Finkenbine and Jeffe Boats.

  5. Episode # 1937 Download
    Air date: 5/19/19 (00:28:45) More ATP memories from April 2009.

  6. Episode # 1936 Download
    Air date: 5/12/19 (v.o.: 00:28:42) This encore presentation of Ask The Professor takes us back to April 2009. ATP Moderator Kathy Bush with Professors Matt Mio, Dan Maggio, Ron Naski and Dave Chow.

  7. Episode # 1935 Download
    Air date: 5/5/19 (00:28:42) This week’s program features a rebroadcast of a program from January 2009. Program moderator Kathy Bush welcomes Professors Roy Finkenbine, Jeffe Boats, Dan Maggio and Erick Barnes.

  8. Episode # 1934 Download
    Air date: 4/28/19 (00:28:13)

  9. Episode # 1933 Download
    Air date: 4/21/19 Joining Host Matt Mio in the studio this week: Professors Kendra Evans, Dave Chow, Beth Oljar, Heather Hill-Vasquez, Jim Tubbs and Dan Maggio. With special guest John Mio.

  10. Episode # 1932 Download
    Air date: 4/14/19 (v.o.@ 00:28:34)