Pre-Law Program

University of Detroit Mercy Pre-Law Program

If you are interested in pursuing a career in law, University of Detroit Mercy's Pre-Law Program provides you with a challenging curriculum and an array of undergraduate judicial politics courses that will create a solid foundation in your understanding of legal terminology, conducting legal research, writing legal briefs and constructing logical legal arguments.

While this is not a degree-granting program, upon completion of the 24-credit hour requirements, you will receive a Certificate in Legal Studies. A question often comes up about how to incorporate these requirements into an already full schedule.  Some classes may satisfy more than one requirement making it feasible to obtain the legal studies certificate in the course of meeting the requirements for the major.

Several majors are well suited for this program, including political science, philosophy, English and economics.

In addition, Detroit Mercy’s Pre-Law Program provides a variety of opportunities to receive first-hand knowledge of law-related activities. For example, you will be able to participate in moot court and play various roles from judge to jury and can experience an actual law class simulation from instructors at Detroit Mercy Law. Once in the program, you are assigned to an advisor from Detroit Mercy's Pre-Law Committee.

Other benefits to the program include participation and attendance in Law Day which is offered in the Fall semester and typically creates an opportunity for you to speak with representatives from law schools across the country, watch and/or participate in a moot court trial; and take a practice LSAT exam.

University of Detroit Mercy coordinates with representatives from LSAT test preparation organizations to come to the University's political science classes throughout the year to give talks about the LSAT exam and getting into law school.

Students interested in law school may be eligible for substantial savings for a departmental stipend to help defer the cost of an LSAT prep course.

You also have the opportunity to become more involved with the Detroit Mercy student organization, Students for Politics & Law, and an internship experience in Washington, D.C.

For additional information please contact:

Genevieve Meyers, Ph.D.