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Go Farther in Winter 2021

Important Note: Did you know that in the normal course of study at University of Detroit Mercy most students will take two to three philosophy courses? This makes most Detroit Mercy students prime candidates for an 18-credit philosophy minor or a strong second 30-hour major that complements any course of study. Most Detroit Mercy undergraduates will take 2-3 philosophy courses before graduation and are therefore well-positioned to complete the 6 courses required for a philosophy minor. All of the courses below earn core credit.


PHL1500: Critical Thinking (Koukal)

This is a logic course entirely devoted to teaching the student how to think critically so they can care for themselves through the exercise of reason in everyday life. The course stresses elementary argument forms; deductive and inductive reasoning; the analysis and assessment of arguments; the relationship between truth and validity; informal fallacies; legal and moral reasoning; and different types of hypothetical reasoning (scientific, superstitious, conspiratorial). New Core IT2 Critical Thinking, Old Core Objective 4C.

PHL 3040 Aquinas: First University Masterpieces (Flores)

An examination of the thought of St. Thomas in light of two opposed world-views prevalent in his day: the Extreme Aristotelians and the Augustinian Platonists. The philosophical method, and the role St. Thomas assigns to philosophy in the pursuit of truth will be considered, as well as a few basic problems of God, creation, human nature, knowledge, and morality. Recent developments in Thomism will be discussed. New Core D3 PHL/RELS elective. Old Core Objective 4C.

PHL 3081 Philosophy of Feminism (Presbey)

The course presents some key feminist critiques of the male philosophical canon, and then explores contributions of feminist philosophers to clarify key concepts such as the conceptions of gender, the body, sexual orientation, justice and care. Feminist philosophical approaches will be applied to current problems such as racism, environmental destruction, war and violence, and human rights violations. Debates within feminist scholarship will be followed, with students learning to articulate their own positions on a range of issues. The course surveys feminist challenges in North America, Asia, Islamic societies, Latin America and Africa. New Core IT3 Cultural Diversity, New Core IT4 Human Difference. New Core D3 PHL/RELS elective, Old Core Objective 4C, WGS-Women's and Gender Studies.

PHL 4400 Contemporary Philosophy (Presbey)

An investigation of some of the major 19th and 20th century developments within American, Continental and Analytic philosophy. Particular movements studied may include Hegel and Marx, phenomenology, existentialism, postmodernism, and deconstruction within the Continental tradition; pragmatism, naturalism, transcendentalism, and African American philosophies as they developed in America; process philosophy; and analytic philosophy as developed by G.E. Moore, Bertrand Russell (Britain) and Wittgenstein and the Logical Positivists (Austria/Vienna Circle) currently dominant in Great Britain, North America, Australia, and Scandinavia. New Core D3 PHL/RELS elective. Old Core Objective 4C.