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Department Chair
Martin Leever, Ph.D.

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The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program at University of Detroit Mercy is a highly-personalized 30-credit hour course of study. It is designed for individuals who believe that learning is a lifelong endeavor and who recognize that education is the means for dealing with life's changes. This program is for those who wish to explore and understand the social, cultural and humanistic dimensions and context of today's world and their own individual lives. Most of all, the program is for people who value their freedom and independence to think and to understand.

The students who pursue this degree will discover a source of inspiration and a lifelong resource in new-found colleagues in the pursuit of intellectual excellence.

The major allows for an individualized program of study. In addition, a concentration in religious studies is available to provide deeper study in that area.

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    Admission Requirements

    The Dean of the College of Liberal Arts & Education, upon recommendation of the program director, approves admission to the program. To be admitted, the applicant must:

    • Submit evidence of all undergraduate work and a B.A. from an accredited institution, with at least a 3.0 grade point average.
    • Submit a written statement setting forth a proposed plan of study.
    • Complete a personal interview with the program director.

    All materials should be submitted at least six weeks prior to the term in which you intend to begin.



    The program requires 30 credits of planned study. The major permits maximum flexibility and personal customization within a student-created curricular design, subject to the program director's endorsement. A concentration in religious studies also provides a course of study with pre-defined limits, while still allowing adaptability to individual student interest. Both are based on a core of seminars crafted expressly for the program.


    How to Apply

    There is no application fee and the process is easy.

    Begin your application now at

    For questions about the application, contact Theresa Carson, graduate admissions, at


Praise for Our Program

Jill A. Turner

"The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program provided me the chance to study subjects outside of professional development required by my career. I was able to choose classes based simply on personal interests – subjects like history and religion - that I was not able to study during my two other degrees. As an older student, it can be intimidating to go back to school after being out for so many years, but my classes have been so interesting, in a large part due to the passion my professors have for their subjects. It is obvious they love what they teach. Their enthusiasm comes through loud and clear in class and is a definite motivator."

Mary Ann Dinan '19

"Working through and completing my Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) was pure pleasure. Being able to choose my own topical path made research easy and completion of my paper very satisfying because the data and stories were my personal choices. The course work throughout the program introduced me to a cross section of subjects that proved to be very broadening; it enhanced my already varied background. I recommend this program as one of the ways one may continue their education and deepen their ability to enjoy life and giving to others more intensely."

Adam Waller '18

"My time at University of Detroit Mercy was fantastic. During my time in the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program, I was a Compliance Graduate Student Intern in the NCAA Compliance office in the Athletic Department. This experience led me to my new position at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida, as the Athletic Certification Coordinator. I am a proud Alumnus of Detroit Mercy. Martin Leever, director of the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program and professor of philosophy, is a true professional and I learned so much from him."

Andrew Lambert '16

"As a high school history teacher and someone with a broad interest in the humanities, the University of Detroit Mercy’s Master of Arts in Liberal Studies was ideal. The program allowed me to design a truly unique plan of study with direct guidance from expert professors that seamlessly merged my professional and personal intellectual interests. My experience from the program has left an immeasurable and enduring positive impact on how I learn and teach the recorded human experience."

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Martin Leever
Professor of Philosophy
* Department Chair of Philosophy and Director of the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program

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