Liberal Studies Major

This interdisciplinary major is designed for students who have broad interests that cut across traditional disciplines. The goal is to provide a systematic program of studies, tailored to the student's background, interests and goals, which integrates the content and methods of the liberal disciplines and provides a solid grounding in one of those disciplines.

 Liberal Studies Major

  • Departmental Concentration 21 credits
  • Minor Concentration 21 credits
  • Total: 42 credits

Degree Requirements


In the Liberal Studies major, the student will develop, under the guidance of an advisor, a plan of study which integrates his/her interests and goals. The plan of study will focus in one of two areas of concentration:


Course work will be primarily in the disciplines of literature, history, philosophy, religious studies, languages and the arts.

Social/Public Policy

Coursework will be primarily in the policy sciences: political science, economics and sociology, with supporting courses from communication studies, psychology, history, philosophy and religious studies. Four of the seven departmental courses must be at the 3000 to 4000 level.

Students must satisfy the usual degree requirements in the College:

  • Completion of the core curriculum
  • An overall and major concentration grade point average of 2.00 or better
  • Completion of at least 126 semester hours

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