2019 Honors Convocation

March 24, 2019
2019 Honors Convocation

The College of Liberal Arts & Education is pleased to have honored our students for their academic excellence, service and leadership during the Honors Convocation Ceremony held Sunday, March 24, 2019, at Gesu Catholic Church in Detroit.

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    Graduate Student Awards - Department

    Excellence in Intelligence Analysis Award

    Presented to a student who is completing a Master of Science in Intelligence Analysis and whose work in the program has shown dedication and competence at the highest level.

    Christopher A. Clark

    Joan K. Wilder Award

    Presented to a graduating student in the Education Program and whose paper demonstrates scholarship in content and form, and creativity in approach and/or insight

    Michael J. DeBruyn

    Richard H. L. Marshall Award for Graduate Excellence in Information Assurance

    Presented to a graduate student in Information Assurance who has exhibited the highest degree of academic achievement and leadership potential within a governmental, business, or educational organization. Given in the name of Richard Henry Lee Marshall to honor his contributions to the security of the nation.

    Robert Schrah

    Marcia A. Davis Liberal Studies Award

    Presented to a graduating Master of Liberal Studies student for outstanding, inspirational, academic and life achievement.

    Mary Ann Dinan

    Sir Robert Peel Award

    Award presented for excellence in graduate studies in Criminal Justice/Security Administration and for distinguished service within the student’s respective field.

    Russell J. Emerick


    Undergraduate Student Awards - College

    Clarence J. McLeod Award

    Presented in memory of Congressman Clarence J. McLeod to a junior with the highest academic average after five semesters in the College of Liberal Arts & Education.

    Savannah N. Sloan


    Undergraduate Student Awards - Department

    Robert and Genevieve Sage Addiction Studies Award

    Presented to the graduating senior with the highest grade point average in the Addiction Studies program for seven terms.

    Patrick D. Kelsch

    Cybersecurity & Information Systems Undergraduate Award

    Presented to the undergraduate student in the Cybersecurity & Information Systems Program who has demonstrated outstanding scholastic achievement and shows exceptional promise as a scholar in this field.

    Annmarie N. Nagy

    Helen Kean Undergraduate Studies Award

    Presented for the best undergraduate Education Program student paper demonstrating scholarship in content and form, and creativity in approach and/or insight.

    Laura Garcia

    Malcolm Carron, S.J., Education Award

    Presented to the graduating senior with the highest grade point average in the Education Program for seven semesters.

    Jean D. Johnson

    Howard Walsh Memorial Award

    Presented to the English major who has demonstrated the greatest proficiency in English language and literature; the award
    was founded in 1927 by Annie Doheny Walsh.

    Hannah M. Tillman

    Catherine A. Caraher History Prize

    Presented to a history major in recognition of outstanding academic achievement. The award is named in honor of the former chair of the History Department.

    Mary K. McNally

    Historic Memorials Society in Detroit Award

    Presented to a history major by the Historic Memorials Society in Detroit for outstanding achievement in the study of American History.

    Charles T. Murphy

    Political Science Award

    Presented to a graduating senior for commitment to academic excellence and service in political science.

    Allison F. McDonough

    Economics Award

    Presented to a student majoring in economics or financial economics who shows exceptional promise in the field.

    James L. Parchell

    John J. Muller Psychology Award

    Presented to an outstanding undergraduate to pursue an advanced degree in psychology.

    Da' Jonae D. Foster

    Jerome Rozycki Criminal Justice Studies Award

    Presented to the graduating senior with the highest grade point average in the Criminal Justice Program for seven terms.

    Heather A. Nelson

    Social Work Award

    Presented annually to the graduating senior with the highest grade point average in the Social Work Program for seven terms.

    Marleen Rubio


    Dean's Gold Key Award

    Presented annually to honor freshmen with at least 15 hours in residence who have achieved a 4.0 grade point average; sophomores and juniors with 30 or more hours in residence who have achieved at least a 3.90 grade point average; and seniors with 30 or more hours in residence who have achieved at least a 3.80 grade point average.


    Mary Elizabeth B. Johnson
    Nathan J. Wodwaski


    Olivia S. Elby
    Dominick S. Gorsline
    Natalia A. Grasso
    Sarah C. Lucas


    Wenjing Gao
    Rebekah Harden
    Michael A. LaBruyere
    Mary K. McNally
    Gannon Pacioni
    Teka L. Richardson
    Savannah N. Sloan
    Murui Tong


    Brittany N. Derr
    Shaesha M. Dudley-Shoulders
    Tianhui Fang
    Da’Jonae D. Foster
    Tiffeny J. Gripper
    Sarah L. Hirschmann
    Jean D. Johnson
    Allison F. McDonough
    Charles T. Murphy
    Heather A. Nelson
    James L. Parchell
    Marleen Rubio
    Joshua J. Sexton
    Hannah M. Tillman
    Mary A. Warr
    Eryn E. Zelek


    Dean's Award

    Presented to undergraduate students who are not Dean’s Gold Key awardees and who have earned a cumulative grade point average of 3.50 or better through Term I of this academic year.


    Hannah Alexis
    Crystal A. Al-Mahdi
    Delaney N. Alward
    Kennedy Campeau
    Samantha R. Dick
    Miranda M. Gorges
    Jashanjot Singh
    McKenna N. Tanguay
    Kyle J. Waters
    Haley N. Williams
    Evan N. Zolman


    Francis R. Doud
    Rebekah A. Hirschmann
    James S. Hofmann
    Andrew A. Kujawski
    Megan C. Lynch
    Meredith H. Moore
    Maya J. Mourani
    Marlene L. Nelson
    Nurzahan Rahman
    Sabriyyah Ricketts
    Rachel R. Russo
    Alexandra Sinani
    Mina Spryszak
    Sophie L. Torcello
    Jasmine L. Ulch


    Justin Armstrong
    Marissa M. Barriuso
    Tanaja K. Campbell
    Christina Capling
    Natalie R. Deyo
    Laura Garcia
    Yiyuan Han
    Angel R. Hollobaugh
    Jill N. Jenkins
    Reyna D. Jimenez
    Emily I. Jones
    Grace G. Kowalski
    Taylor R. Laporte
    Jiangfeng Li
    Ziruo Li
    Steven L. Manrique
    Zachary B. Marshall
    Shelbi R. Matlock
    Tegan R. McManus
    Ashley N. Miller
    Andre J. Moon
    Thomas R. Mueller
    Elizabeth L. Murphy
    Jack J. Rehmann
    Mitchell A. Robinson
    Madison R. Scarsella
    Sara M. Shook
    Camille E. Sinclair
    Micah Socha
    Zachary P. Turk
    Haley R. Walsh
    Benjamin J. Westphal


    Jermaine Baldwin
    Elyse M. Bender
    Candice K. Bryant
    Wenwei Cao
    Tanita L. Chester
    Ghadear T. Eid
    Dongfei Gao
    Dina C. Garcia
    Courtney M. Gilbert
    Maeve E. Grady
    Robin I. Gravlin
    Bethany J. Howard
    Zili Hu
    Melissa A. Keith
    Patricia A. Ketzner
    Matt R. Lemerise
    Emma L. Leszczak
    Siqi Li
    Brandon Mays
    Lynn R. McCurry
    Lauri A. Moore
    Scott J. Pickens
    Sydney T. Pollock
    Sarah C. Purifoy
    Christina Roberts
    Nicholas D. Sandercott
    Yongqiang Sun
    Annmarie H. Taylor
    Daniel Torriglia
    Kiana C. Williams
    Alexandria A. Zimmerman


    Presidential Scholars

    Presented to students who have completed the University Honors Program curriculum, volunteered community service and achieved a minimum GPA of 3.75.

    Brittany N. Derr
    Heather A. Nelson
    Hannah M. Tillman


    Kappa Gamma Pi

    Kappa Gamma Pi is national Catholic college graduate honor society for current students who qualify for graduation or graduated with honors (3.30 or better at the time of application) and who have demonstrated outstanding scholarship, service achievement, faith commitment and leadership ability as undergraduates — students who have further pledged themselves to continued leadership in service and faith. Women and men of various faith commitments are eligible.

    Jermaine Baldwin - Cybersecurity & Information Systems
    Robin I. Gravlin - Psychology
    Tiffeny J. Gripper - Criminal Justice
    Jean D. Johnson - Special Education Emotional impairment
    Heather A. Nelson - Criminal Justice
    Chloe M. Ricciardi - Social Work
    Mary A. Warr - History


    Leadership Pin Award Candidates

    Ongoing involvement in student organizations, spirituality workshops, leadership workshops and 125 hours of community service. The Pin Award will be distributed at the Campus Leadership and Service Awards Ceremony in April.

    Bryan J. Debono - Psychology
    Da' Jonae D. Foster
    - Psychology
    Courtney M. Gilbert - Developmental Psychology
    Bethany J. Howard - Psychology
    Sydney T. Pollock - Psychology
    Nicholas D. Sandercott - Psychology


    Leadership Medallion Award Recipients

    These individuals have met the requirements of the Leadership Pin Award, have additional involvement in student organizations, spirituality retreats, completed leadership coursework and have performed 250 hours of community service.

    Courtney M. Gilbert - Developmental Psychology
    Sydney T. Pollock - Psychology
    Nicholas D. Sandercott - Psychology