Why Minor in Women's and Gender Studies?

Image displaying many reasons to minor in women's and gender studies

What WGS Students & Alumni Like Most about the Program:

Great Professors
Expanding Their World Views
Variety of Courses
Friendships with Other WGS Students
Becoming Agents for Social Change

Developing as Leaders
Real-World Projects
Shattering Stereotypes
Finding Their Voices
Learning to Speak and Write Powerfully

Cody Rossler '15
Ph.D. Student in History
at SUNY Stony Brook

Major: History
Minor: WGS

"The WGS program at Detroit Mercy revealed different perspectives, especially women's perspectives, that are not frequently or sometimes ever, addressed in classes. It exposed me to different ways of thinking about the world. I am now more attentive to these alternative perspectives, peoples and struggles."

Anjelica Armendariz '10
Community Outreach Coordinator
She\Wellness, Seattle, WA

Major: English
Minor: WGS

"The most important thing I got from the WGS program was networking and working professionally with many women of many different strengths. It sped up my emotional-professional intelligence so that I left communicating better with all genders."

Tracy Gallardo '14
Family Service Worker
Thrive by Five Head Start Program

Major: Social Work
Minor: WGS

"Minoring in WGS opened up a new lens in seeing gender equality and striving so that both genders granted the same rights. Also, it has allowed me to encourage other women, youth and children to understand they are capable of anything as long as they put their heart into it."

Johnee Elhaouli '14
Clinical Care Manager
Institute on Aging, San Francisco, CA

Major: Social Work
Minor: WGS

"WGS was truly a program that influenced the way I view society, and showed me how we can bring the justice that oppressed communities deserve."

Terri Marshall '13
English Instructor
Detroit Public Safety Academy

Major: English-Secondary Education
Minors: WGS, Math

"I learned from the WGS program that every judgment, idea, or critique is based on what we learn from society, and it is everyone’s right to challenge those societal standards. Being unique and original is beautiful, and this is something I express to my students every day and in every lesson I teach."

Alice Riley '10
U.S. Recruiting Communications Coordinator
Ford Motor Company

Majors: Communication Studies, English
Minor: WGS

"Being open to diverse voices is probably the most valuable lesson I learned from minoring in WGS. Understanding that different voices have different needs and motivations has been really helpful in my career as a communicator and being able to deliver a clear message."