Jane Schaberg WGS Student Grants FAQ

1. Who can apply? Current undergraduate and graduate students, and university-recognized student organizations.

2. What types of projects get funded? Past grants have been awarded in support of a wide range of activities, community projects, and academic projects, such as:

• Bringing an international poet to UDM to recite her work and speak on trauma, journey, and the modern stories of Muslim women
• The publication and performance of a student chapbook of written and visual art that engaged issues of gender
• A Ph.D. capstone project on vicarious trauma and its effects on sexual assault nurse examiners
• The student group SPECTRUM’s “Gay? Fine By Me” t-shirt event

All funded proposals shared the following characteristics:

  • The activities/projects were clearly described (who, what, where, when, and why)
  • The proposals stated exactly how the activities/projects would enable other UDM students to engage with women's and/or gender issues.
  • The activities/projects were narrow enough in scope that the students could successfully complete them within the required timeframe

3. I have an idea, but I am not 100% sure about it or about how to write the proposal. Is there anyone I can talk to before applying? Yes! We are very happy to speak with students about their ideas and proposals before they submit them. Please contact Rosemary Weatherston, Director of WGS at weatherr@udmercy.edu to set up a time to talk.

4. Can I apply for money to pay my tuition or buy books for my classes? No, the grant does not cover individual students’ tuition or books.

5. Can I apply for a grant to partially fund an activity or project? Yes, you may apply for a grant to partially fund larger activities or projects. We ask, however, that you indicate who the other sponsors are/might be and when you will know if you will receive the additional funds.

6. Can my friend and I both apply for grants for the same project? No, only one grant will be awarded per project, but you can apply jointly for a single grant.