Academic Exploration Program

More than 50 percent of all college students change their major at least once before the end of their sophomore year. The Academic  Exploration Program at  University of Detroit Mercy (UDM) offers guidance to undergraduates who want to select the right major for  their strengths and interests. The AEP program is designed for students who are unsure of what major to pursue or who are interested in exploring more than one academic program.

To support student exploration, the Academic Exploration  Program  combines one-on-one advising with a one-credit course in the  fall semester of a student's freshman year. In AEP 1000: Academic Exploration, students participate in a variety of exploration exercises that help them identify their strengths and interests as they research possible  undergraduate majors. Through this course and AEP advising, students clarify their  educational and career objectives and integrate academic planning at UDM  with lifelong career planning. Ultimately AEP students elect an  academic major based on thoughtful, considered evaluation of their options.
For more information, please contact the director of the Academic  Exploration Program, Dr. Mary-Catherine Harrison: