Women's and Gender Studies

For more information about WGS, contact Director Rosemary Weatherston at weatherr@udmercy.edu / 313.993.1083

The Women's and Gender Studies Program critically examines the place of women and gender in culture and society. Feminist and gender theory is applied to traditional disciplines to analyze the origins and effects of power, dominance, and gender roles and relations. Since women's issues and gender issues encompass and modify all areas of knowledge, and since such issues as race, class, and sexuality are crucial aspects of such experiences, the Women's and Gender Studies Minor provides students with opportunities to learn and analyze women's and gender issues from different cultural perspectives. Course offerings also provide students with opportunities to integrate experiences from a variety of different fields of study.

The Women's and Gender Studies Minor provides an expertise in gender issues that responds to an increasing demand for such expertise in many professions and offers strong preparation for further study in a variety of postgraduate fields. In addition, Women's and Gender Studies courses often combine practice with theory, supplying students with a strong foundation for involvement in social justice issues. The Women's and Gender Studies minor is open to all undergraduates enrolled at the University.

"Freedom that grants all humans the opportunity to shape their destinies can only be a reality when our world is no longer sexist or racist." -bell hooks 

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