African American Studies

Description of the Minor

African American Studies (AAS) at University of Detroit Mercy is a multidisciplinary minor that promotes the understanding of the African-American experience through scholarship, service learning, and cultural events. AAS students come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, but they share an interest in their own and others’ cultures and see themselves as leaders in a multicultural society.

Students who earn a minor in African American Studies have a richer understanding of African and African-American culture and a keener appreciation of the relationship between race, diversity, and society. Students from every college, major, and professional school at University of Detroit Mercy can benefit from and contribute to the African American Studies minor. Through our partnerships within and outside the university, students have the opportunity to work with faculty from a broad range of disciplines, attend academic and cultural events sponsored by the AAS program, perform community service and internships within Detroit and the surrounding area, and pursue international exchange through the Study Abroad Program.

Essence of the Minor

The African American Studies minor provides students with an academic understanding of and concern for the dignity and rich heritage of the African-American experience. Students in this 18-credit minor examine race, culture, and identity through urban, regional, national, and global perspectives. Multidisciplinary methods of inquiry and scholarly research in historical and contemporary theories of race will expose students to the history and culture of Africans, African Americans, and Africans in the diaspora.

Career Opportunities

Students with an African American Studies minor may apply their knowledge to a wide variety of fields including politics and public policy, medicine and public health, law, media, the arts, education, and social services. They are activists in their community and the voice of diversity in the workplace. The African American Studiesminor provides students with a richer understanding of African American culture and a keener appreciation of the relationship between race, diversity, and society.