Undergraduate Degree in Religious Studies


James B. Tubbs, Jr.
Chair, Department of Religious Studies
Briggs 339

The study of religion is an important branch of the humanities and an essential component in any well-grounded program of higher education. It is crucial for the understanding of any culture and it deals with serious issues for the self-understanding of students of any age. The Religious Studies Department offers programs designed to explore the variety of religious meanings which human beings have expressed in the past as well as those which continue to be expressed in the present.

Because of its roots in the Catholic tradition, this department offers a wide variety of courses on Christian themes and developments, while also offering students broad exposure to other traditions, such as Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Hoping to be a place where the best in contemporary Catholic thinking can encounter and exist in dialogue with other sources of contemporary thinking, the University regards the Religious Studies Department as a special focus of this encounter.