Industrial Organizational Psychology M.A.


The University of Detroit Mercy offers a Master’s of Arts program in Industrial and Organizational Psychology that prepares students to perform quality professional human resources services and consultation in a variety of work settings. The program provides career advancement opportunities for human resource professionals in private and public sector organizations. In addition, it offers course work for those in entry-level positions or those embarking upon human resource careers. As a “terminal masters” degree program, this highly specialized and competitive educational experience in Industrial/Organizational Psychology is distinct from business education and from doctoral training in I/O Psychology. Graduates are typically employed as external or internal consultants. A small number of graduates continue their education in I/O doctoral programs.

The Psychology Department faculty is dedicated to implementing an Applied Industrial/ Organizational Psychology program that focuses intensively on psychological theories, principles, research, and their application to human behavior in the workplace. The curriculum covers:

  • Leadership and organizational development
  • Multicultural, race, nationality, and gender issues in the workplace
  • Employee selection and placement
  • Training and development
  • Job design
  • Employee satisfaction and motivation
  • Statistics and research
  • Human resource assessment and testing
  • Performance evaluation
  • Workplace ethics

The program includes a comprehensive examination and a 250-hour internship/practicum experience. The internship/practicum consists of supervised practice of Industrial/Organizational Psychology in a private and/or public-sector organization. Paralleling the internship/practicum experience is a year-long capstone course.  This course allows for the integration of courses taken throughout the program, as well as integration of theory and practice.  Students network and receive professional support from additional faculty, colleagues and student peers, while obtaining direct, supervised mentoring in the field.

Tailored to the working student, the applied Industrial/Organizational program offers evening and optional weekend classes. Full-time students can complete the program in a year and a half, (4 classes in fall term, 4 classes in winter term and 2 classes in summer term during the first year and the internship, capstone experience and one course during the final two semesters of the second year). Part-time students can complete the program in two and half years, including summer terms.