The study of psychology aims to acquire knowledge of the facts, causes, and principles of human behavior, motivation and personality; understanding of human development; and application of psychological principles, evidence, and techniques to solve human problems. Of paramount importance to the successful study of psychology is integrating psychological knowledge with the humanities, the biological sciences, and the social sciences.

The Psychology department offers two options for students who wish to major in psychology, in addition to a common core of courses required of all majors.

  • The General Psychology major is intended for those students who pursue careers in psychology. Such careers usually require at least the M.A. degree, and this sequence of courses is designed to provide a broad background in psychology and a very strong foundation for graduate study or employment in other fields.
  • The Developmental Psychology major is designed for those students who wish to prepare themselves for careers in various professions immediately upon graduation. A Developmental Psychology major prepares students for careers in such fields as child care, child welfare, family relations, parent education, and programs for older people. Through practica and special projects, a student can acquire expertise in working with a group, e.g. children, the elderly. The department anticipates authorization to award the Certified Family Life Education Certificate to graduating Developmental majors.
  • The Industrial/Organizational Psychology program applies psychology to organizations and the workplace and contributes to an organization's success by improving the performance and well-being of its people.  Topics in the field include motivation, stress, job satisfaction, selection and placement, job design, performance appraisal, organizational structure and training and development, to name a few.  Emphasis is on understanding research and practice at the levels of the individual employee, work group, and organization.
  • The Psychology Minor program is a minimum of 18 credit hours (6 course) program designed to give students broad exposure to psychology as a scientific and professional discipline.

The Psychology Department also offers four graduate programs leading to advanced degrees or specialist certificate, preparing psychologists for professional practice. These programs are

Each of these programs provides graduates with the fundamental knowledge and applied skills to enter professional practice in their respective specialized areas. Dissertation, thesis, and specialist-project research train students in the scientific foundations of our discipline.

Close relations with professional organizations provide students with valuable practicum and internship learning experiences through their onsite placements. The Department's excellent reputation in the pertinent professional communities facilitates graduates' employability. Ethnically diverse faculty and students enhance the quality of learning experiences from the classroom to the professional workplace.

We invite interested inquiries. Please visit the websites for each of our individual programs to see which might best fit your future career plans.

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