Political Science Minor

The Political Science Minor will require 18 credits (six courses).  One of these six courses--POL 1000--is required.  A minimum of three of the remaining five courses must be at the upper-division (i.e., 3000 or 4000) level.  Of the five elective courses, one must be chosen from each of the subfields plus one additional elective from any POL course.

Learning Objectives and Goals

Graduates of the program will:

1. Understand the fundamental importance of membership in the human polity (comprehension).

2. Identify the major ideas and theories and their application to political movements, structures and institutions in the United States and other countries (empirical)

3. Develop the skills necessary to communicate and evaluate the implications of qualitative and quantitative information relevant to the study and practice of politics (applied).

4. Develop the ability to make connections between theory and practice, between global and local events, and between political science and other disciplines (analytical/integrative)

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Minor Requirements--18 credit hours

The 18 credit minor in political science provides students with a flexible program that will allow a broad understanding of the various aspects of the discipline.  The program will provide the basic foundation in the introductory class followed by a sampling of the subfields.  The minimum of three upper-division courses will provide the student with a more in-depth understanding of at least two subfields in which the student has the greatest interests.

Required Course

POL 1000 Introduction to Political Science 3 credits


American Politics

POL 2100 American Politics 3 credits
POL 3100 Women and Politics 3 credits
POL 3220 Public Policy Analysis 3 credits
POL 3230 Personnel Management and Labor Relations 3 credits
POL 3390 Issues in Public Policy 3 credits
POL 3420 American Constitution and Public Law 3 credits
POL 3460 Civil Liberties and Equality 3 credits
POL 3860 Politics and the Media 3 credits

Comparative and International Relations

POL 2510 International Relations 3 credits
POL 2520 Foreign Policy of the United States 3 credits
POL 2600 Introduction to Comparative Politics 3 credits
POL 3250 Comparative Administrative Systems 3 credits
POL 4540 International Law 3 credits

Political Theory

POL 3800 Elements of Political Thought 3 credits
POL 2050 Political Fiction 3 credits

Judicial Politics

POL 2010 Introduction to Law and the Judiciary 3 credits
POL 2020 Criminal Law and Procedure 3 credits
POL 2030 Topics in Legal Issues 3 credits
POL 2040 Tort Law 3 credits
POL 2800 Legal Research 3 credits
POL 3460 Civil Liberties and Equality

All course descriptions can be found in the "Courses" section of the catalog.