Legal Administration

Baccalaureate Degree

The Legal Administration major, which leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree, is designed to assist individuals in acquiring the skills necessary to manage the complex mixture of personnel, technology and business that is the modern law office.

A Legal Administration major must complete a 36 credit hour core. Students may select 12 credit hours of electives from such areas as management, accounting, computer and information systems, criminal justice or psychology. Students may also select a three or six credit hour internship in a private or corporate law firm, government or judicial office, or public service organization or placement in one of our practicum sites. The internship program director will assist students with placement.

Independent study or directed research is also available for up to six credit hours. All topics must be approved by the program director at the time of registration.

Learning Objectives and Goals

Graduates of the program will:

1. Understand the fundamental importance of the role of law in the political system (comprehension).

2. Identify the major ideas and theories of the legal system as it pertains to the structures and institutions in the United States and other countries (empirical).

3. Develop skills necessary to communicate and evaluate legal arguments (applied).

4. Demonstrate an ability to apply their legal knowledge in an applied environment (applied).

5. Demonstrate an ability to do legal research employing standard legal research tools including Westlaw and Lexis Nexis (empirical).

6. Develop the ability to gather and analyze case law and make connections between theory and practice, between global and local events, and between legal studies and other disciplines (analytical/integrative). 

Degree Requirements

Legal Administration (45 Credits)

Required Courses
LEGA 1100 Introduction to Law 3 cr.
LEGA 1300 Litigation I 3 cr.
LEGA 2300 Family Law 3 cr.
LEGA 2400 Real Estate Law 3 cr.
LEGA 2520 Probate I (Estates and Trusts) 3 cr.
LEGA 2650 Corporations and Business Organizations 3 cr.
LEGA 2800 Legal Research I 3 cr.
LEGA2810 Computer Assisted Legal Research 3 cr.
LAD 3120 Law Practice Management 3 cr.

Electives from Area I 3 cr.

Electives from Area II 15

A grade of "C" must be maintained in all courses required for the major. A GPA of 2.0 must also be maintained Students must also complete the University Core Curriculum requirements.

Area I Electives (at least 3 cr. credits)

Students must select at least ONE of the following courses
LAD 4300 Leadership Skills 3 cr.
LAD 4500* Principles of Marketing OR 3 cr.
BUS 3120* Principles of Marketing 3 cr.
LAD 4900 Clinical Experience in the Law Firm OR 3 cr.
LAD 4940 Legal Internship 3 cr.- 6 cr.

Both LAD 4500 or BUS 3120 satisfy the marketing elective. Students may not take both.

Area II Electives (at least 15 credits)

Students must select at least 5 of the following
LEGA 1310 Litigation Skills II and Ethics 3 cr.
LEGA 2200 Contacts 3 cr.
LEGA 2530 Probate II 3 cr.
LEGA 2750 Civil Procedure and the Rules of Evidence 3 cr.
LEGA 3520 Criminal Law 3 cr.
LEGA 3550 Criminal Evidence and Procedure 3 cr.
LAD 3400 Labor Relations 3 cr.
LAD 3460 Human Resource Management in the Law Firm 3 cr.
LAD 4650 Personal Finance 3 cr.
LAD 4990 Directed Readings 3 cr.
ACC 2010 Accounting I 3 cr.
BUS 2900* Personal Finance 3 cr.
BUS 3110 Organizational Management 3 cr.
POL 2010* Introduction to Law 3 cr.
POL 2020* Criminal Law 3 cr.
POl 2030 Legal Issues 3 cr.
POL 2040 Tort Law 3 cr.
POL 3100 Women and Politics 3 cr.
POL 3230* Labor Relations and Personnel Management 3 cr.
POL 3420 Constitutional Law 3 cr.
POL 3460 Civil Liberties/Civil Rights 3 cr.
POL 4990 Senior Seminar Moot Court 3 cr.

*Certain courses are not for credit if the student took the corresponding course with a different prefix.

For course descriptions, please select the undergraduate catalog at: scroll down to the middle of the page for course descriptions.