Obtaining a major in Philosophy requires 30 credit hours:

One (1) of the following courses in logic (3 credit hours):

Three (3) of the following (sets of) courses in the history of philosophy (9 credit hours):

One (1) of the following courses in the major areas of philosophy (3 credit hours):

Three (3) elective courses in philosophy (9 credit hours).


  • PHL 1000 is a prerequisite for all other philosophy courses except for PHL 1400 and 1500, which may be taken without prior coursework in philosophy.
  • Philosophy courses required by any University program or by the Core Curriculum count toward the major.
  • A student may take up to two cognate courses in other departments which can count toward the philosophy major, subject to the approval of the Philosophy Department.
  • Students planning to do graduate study in philosophy are strongly urged to take more courses than the required 30 hours. The philosophy faculty will work with students to select additional courses that will prepare them for graduate work in the discipline.