Major and Minor

Major (30 credits)

PHL 1000 Introduction to Philosophy 3 credits
PHL 2010 Foundations of Ethics 3 credits

One of the following courses in logic (3 credits):

PHL 1500 Critical Thinking, or          
3 credits
PHL 2500 Symbolic Logic 3 credits

Three of the following courses in the history of philosophy (9 credits):

PHL 3060 Ancient Philosophy 3 credits
PHL 3070 Medieval Philosophy 3 credits
PHL 3080 Early Modern Philosophy 3 credits
PHL 4400 Contemporary Philosophy 3 credits

One of the following courses in the major areas of philosophy (3 credits):

PHL 4060 Metaphysics                     3 credits
PHL 4070 Epistemology 3 credits

Plus three elective courses in philosophy:

PHL XXXX                                                                                                                        9 credits                          


  • PHL 1000 is a prerequisite for all other philosophy courses except for PHL 14001500, and 2500, which may be taken without prior coursework in philosophy.
  • Philosophy courses required by any University program or by the Core Curriculum count toward the major.
  • A student may take up to two cognate courses in other departments which can count toward the philosophy major, subject to the approval of the Philosophy Department.
  • Double majors are common in the department, and students frequently pair a major in philosophy with majors in English, political science, history, mathematics, or the social and natural sciences. However, a philosophy major is compatible with a wide variety of other majors, and we can help you design a philosophy major that best compliments your primary area of study.
  • Students planning to do graduate study in philosophy are strongly urged to take more courses than the required 30 hours. The philosophy faculty will work with students to select additional courses that will prepare them for graduate work in the discipline.