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The Minor

The 18 credit hour minor in philosophy is comprised of 9 credit hours (or 3 courses) that provide the necessary foundation for advanced study in philosophy, and are therefore required of all students who choose the minor. The remaining 9 hours in the minor allow the student to choose 3 upper division (300 or 400-level) courses that explore those philosophical issues in which the student has the greatest interest.

Students seeking a philosophy minor must take:

and one (1) of the following courses in logic:

Although all students may choose any combination of upper division elective courses in philosophy, students may configure this part of their minor in such a way that complements their major area of study. The Department of Philosophy suggests the following possible minor "tracks":

Pre-Law Students, Political Science and Criminal Justice Majors:

Business Majors:

Nursing, Dental, and Health Professions Majors:

History Majors:

Religious Studies Majors:

Religion Track:

Ethics Track:

Architecture Majors:

Psychology Majors:

Science Majors:


  • These examples are not exclusive of other philosophy minors that can complement other majors in the University curriculum. Through the use of Directed Readings (limit one per minor) and Advanced Topics in Philosophy courses, the Philosophy Department can help students design minors that best compliment their particular major and/or interests.
  • Students seeking a philosophy minor are encouraged to take more than the 18 hours required.

  • PHL 1000 is a prerequisite for all other philosophy courses except for PHL 1400 and 1500, which may be taken without prior coursework in philosophy.
  • A minor tracking form may be downloaded here.

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