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In anticipation of our 44th season I look at the choices we have made and I can see that not much has changed.  Of course the collection of plays is new but their relationship to our core beliefs has never wavered.  At the very heart of what makes the Theatre Company unique are the ties we share with the core values of our university. In part, “A UDM education seeks to integrate the intellectual, spiritual, ethical, and social development of our students.”  Sometimes directly stated, at other times slyly inferred, the Theatre Company has always sought to bring theatre that entertains, provokes, and encourages dialogue. We will play on your intellect, your spirit, your ethics, and your beliefs about the social fabric in our own urban environment and that of the ever-changing world.  

We have an exciting season planned and we want you to play your part with us!  Fill your car with friends and neighbors and even business associates.  Come to a Post-Show Discussion or join us for an Afterglow. If you know a young student interested in a theatre education introduce them to us we’d be happy to speak with them. 

I am sincere when I say the Theatre Company’s strongest asset is the loyalty of our patrons and friends who return each year bringing new audience members with them.  We look forward to your return on opening night!  

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We look forward to seeing you at the Theatre!

Associate Professor Melinda Pacha - Chair of the Department of Performing Arts

Assistant Professor Greg Grobis - Director of Marketing and Management

Associate Professor David L. Regal

Professor Dr. Arthur J. Beer

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