Minor in Theatre

Minor in Theatre
Designed to complement the experience of students in other majors whose career goals include public appearances, presentations, or performance in fields such as business, health administration, pre-law, social work, education and education administration.

Students minoring in theatre are required to:

  • prepare and participate fully in all coursework
  • audition for at least one production per year
  • work on at least one production crew per year

Theatre Minor (20 credits)

Fundamental Courses (8 credits)

TRE 1310 Introduction to Theatre 3 credits
TRE 1320 Rehearsal and Production I 2 credits
TRE 2550 Scene Study and Analysis 3 credits
TRE 3740 Rehearsal & Production II 3 credits

Acting Courses (6 credits):

TRE 1610 Fundamentals of Acting 3 credits
TRE 2680 Acting II 3 credits
Design and Management Courses (3 credits)
TRE 2650 Management Techniques {OR} 3 credits
TRE 2660 Elements of Theatre Crafts {OR} 3 credits
TRE 3060 Principles of Arts Management {OR} 3 credits
TRE 3100 Theatrical Design 3 credits

History or Directing Courses (3 credits)

TRE 3650
TRE 4311
Fundamentals of Directing {OR}
Survey of Theatre History
3 credits
Tent Meeting GM Little Joe
Tent Meeting The Glass Menagerie Little Joe Monaghan - Two Cowhands