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Major in Theatre; Make the World Your Stage

Theater at University of Detroit Mercy is where you'll find all of the "greats" -- Great American City, Great Values, Great Outcomes, and Great Academics. 

We believe in the strengths gained in apprenticeship training combined with the practiced application of classroom techniques create a strong foundation for the performing arts professional. 

UDM students have the added benefit of participating in The Theatre Company, established in 1970, to gain direct experience in all aspects of theatre management and performing. 

Elite scholarships are available for theatre majors based on audition and involvement. The Theatre Company Performance Scholarships provide up to $22,000 per year for four years.  The Geraldine Regal memorial scholarship provides up to $4,000 per academic year.
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Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Theatre

Theatre Degree Requirements

Spelling Bee

Departmental advisors work with the student to build an individualized program within the college core curriculum and the requisite and elective courses found within the Theatre major or minor. Students entering the program will work with departmental advisors to develop the course of study that best suits the student’s professional goals.University of Detroit Mercy (UDM) offers a Bachelor of Arts with a major or minor in Theatre. The UDM Theatre Department is concerned with stimulating artistic expression by articulate, dynamic and creative people. The program is designed to prepare students to enter the profession as performers, stage managers, directors or educators. A conservatory-style approach in the classroom ensures that students receive personal guidance provided by faculty and carefully chosen artistic associates. Emphasis on small class size enhances the student’s potential for rapid development. 

The department’s philosophy, which centers on the strengths gained in apprenticeship training, is practiced in the application of classroom techniques to performance and professional practices found in the performing arts. Towards this end the department sponsors a season of at least four major productions and provides opportunities for student performances in other special projects. Casting is open to all students, and non-majors are encouraged to participate.

The theatre faculty, staff and students at UDM also form the producing organization known as The Theatre Company. The Theatre Company has been an established and respected member of the Detroit area theatre community since 1972. Using an apprenticeship approach to stimulate artistic growth in a creative production process, we combine the work of seasoned professionals with young talents. At the heart of this process are the professional talents of the faculty and associate company members, who also maintain dynamic partnerships with theatres throughout the area.


Bachelor of Arts Requirements

Minor in Theatre

B.A. Theatre Major (44 credits)
The B.A. with a major in Theatre is for students who intend to achieve their goals as theatre practitioners or educators. Some students may wish to pursue a more diversified liberal arts program through a double major or minor.

Fundamental Courses (21 credits)

TRE 1310 Introduction to Theatre 3 credits
TRE 1320 Rehearsal and Production I (taken 4 times for a 4-credit total) 1 credit
TRE 2550 Scene Study and Analysis 3 credits
TRE 3650 Fundamentals of Directing 3 credits
TRE 3740 Rehearsal and Production II (taken 4 times for a 4-credit total) 1 credit
TRE 4311 Survey of Theatre History 3 credits
TRE 4315 Survey of Theatre History Research (must be
taken concurrently with TRE 4311)
1 credit

Prerequisite Acting Courses (8 credits)

TRE 1610 Fundamentals of Acting 3 credits
TRE 2540 Voice and Movement 2 credits
TRE 2680  Acting II 3 credits

Prerequisite Design and Management Courses (6 credits)

TRE 2650 Management Techniques {AND/OR} 3 credits
TRE 3100 Theatrical Design {AND/OR} 3 credits

Focus in Acting OR Design/Management (6 credits)


TRE 3560 Acting Dynamics {AND/OR} 3 credits
TRE 3570 Acting Styles {AND/OR} 3 credits
TRE 4515 Acting III {AND/OR} 3 credits
TRE 4590 Voice and Diction 3 credits


TRE 3060 Principles of Arts Management {AND/OR} 3 credits
TRE 4950 Directed Studies {AND/OR} 3 credits
TRE 4980 Directed Studies in Design {AND/OR} 3 credits

Senior Seminar

Graduating seniors will enroll in Senior Seminar where they will create a final performance,
project or portfolio with an appropriate advisor.
TRE 4990 Senior Seminar in Theatre Studies 3 credits

UDM Theatre Company Alumni


UDM Theater Alum Dax Anderson

Dax Anderson '01

UDM Theatre Alum Anita Barone

Anita Barone '86

UDM Theatre Alum James Bowen

James Bowen '88

UDM Theatre Alum Mary Bremer

Mary Bremer '88

UDM Theatre Alumni Placeholder

Stanley Cahil '89

UDM Theatre Alum Ryan Carlson

Ryan Carlson '98

Chris Dargo

Chris Darga '80

David De Angelis

David DeAngelis '94

Mindy Farbrother

Mindy Farbrother '77
Broadway Stage Manager

UDM Theatre Alumni Angelina Fiordellisi

Angelina Fiordellisi '81
Actor/Theatre Founder

UDM Theatre Alum Sarah Galloway

Sarah Galloway

Patrick Gough

Patrick Gough '03

Mary Gutzi

Mary Gutzi '75

UDM Theatre Alum Yasmine Jaffri

Yasmine Jaffri '93

UDM Theatre Alum Chris Jakob

Chris Jakob

UDM Theatre Alumni Placeholder

David Patrick Kelly '76

Keegan Michael Key

Keegan Michael Key '93

UDM Theatre Alum Joe Kolinski

Joe Kolinski

Karen Kron

Karen Kron

UDM Theatre Alumni Placeholder

David Leidholdt
Founder/Theatre Festival

UDM Theatre Company Alum Mary Lynch Callaghan

Mary Callaghan Lynch(Soprano)
Founder/Artistic Director

UDM Theatre Alumni Placeholder

Eric Maher '99
Theatre Technical Director

UDM Theatre Company Robyn Lipnicki Mewha

Robyn Lipnicki Mewha

UDM Theatre Company Alum James Mio

James Mio '00

Jamie Moyer

Jamie Moyer '01

UDM Theatre Company Alum Marcus Neville

Marcus Neville

UDM Theatre Alumni Pickering

Tim Pickering

UDM Theatre Alumni Ted Raimi

Ted Raimi '90

UDM Theatre Company Alum Travis Reiff

Travis Reiff '00

UDM Theatre Company Alum Patricia Thompson

Patricia Thompson

Greg Trzaskoma

Greg Trzaskoma '94
Actor/Theatre Founder

UDM Theatre Company Alum Mary Vinette

Mary Vinetti
Actor/Life Coach

UDM Theatre Alumni Placeholder

Harry Wetzel
Actor/Production Manager

UDM Theatre Company Alum Maggie Wysocki

Maggie Wysocki '85


UDM Theatre Company Amy Yasbeck

Amy Yasbeck

UDM theatre majors are found in careers that range from community theatre to TV and motion pictures.

Visit out Alumni page to see how our alumns are using their talent.

Freshman Entrance Auditions and Scholarships


Admission to the Performing Arts Program and The Theatre Company is a two-step process:

  • Step One:  Apply for admission to UDM. Apply online for free by visiting on at www.udmercy.edu/apply Application to University must be submitted before step two.
  • Step Two: Audition for entrance into The Theatre Company’s Program. An audition on UDM’s campus is required for consideration for Theatre Company Scholarships.

UDM Audition Dates: 

  • Saturday, February 13 at 10:00 a.m.  RSVP by Monday, February 8
  • Saturday, February 27 at 10:00 a.m.  RSVP by Monday, February 22
  • RSVP at www.udmercy.edu/auditions

Note: Additional audition dates can be arranged through Professor Grobis at 313-993-3269.

  1. Perform two memorized contrasting monologues (comic/serious, contemporary/historical).
  2. Provide a copy of your resume and current headshot. Scrapbooks and press clippings will not be accepted.
  3. Participate in an interview with members of the faculty.

Note: Stage Managers and Undecided Theatre Students do not have to perform but need to provide a letter of recommendation from a theatre teacher or qualified professional that speaks about the student’s strengths. 

Theatre Company Scholarship Opportunities

  1. The Theatre Company Performance Scholarship – Elite Scholarship for UDM students majoring in theatre based on audition and involvement in Theatre Company. Amount: Up to 50% of tuition ($22,000) for four years.
  2. The Geradine Regal Scholarship – Application required. For for UDM students majoring in theatre based on involvement and work as a Company member.  Amount up to $4,000 annually.
  3. The Theatre Scholarship – up to $1,000 for for UDM students majoring in theatre.

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Because our apply page needs to accommodate all of our applicants in the disciplines that UDM offers, it may seem a bit confusing at first. To help you navigate the admissions process, we encourage you to communicate with an admissions counselor by phone at 800-635-5020 or by email at admissions@udmercy.edu.