Career Options

Undergraduate History majors follow a variety of career paths. Some discussion of the variety of career paths is integrated into HIS 2910/Historical Methods.

One traditional option has been teaching, either in the secondary schools or at community colleges or universities. Those interested in becoming certified to teach History in the secondary schools should consult Secondary Teacher Education.

Teaching at community colleges or universities requires additional graduate education in History, usually the Ph.D. Majors interested in pursuing graduate education in History should consult their advisor in the Department of History.

Another traditional option has been the law. Those considering this career path should consult UDM's Pre-Law Program.

A significant and growing number of undergraduate History majors go into government service or what is known as public history, careers which bring awareness and understandings of the past before a broad public audience. The latter includes careers in

  • museums,
  • archives,
  • editing and publishing,
  • and historic site preservation.

Some of these areas involve additional graduate education in specialized fields.

Students considering career paths in public history are encouraged to enroll in HIS 4940/Introduction to Public History and HIS 4980/Internship, and other public history courses offered by the department. The latter will allow them to gain practical experience in a public history setting.

The skills of the historian are valuable to analysts in the growing field of intelligence. Majors interested in preparing for such a career should take courses on other world areas and American foreign policy.

A large number of undergraduate History majors enter the business world. Those considering this career path may want to consider also completing a Certificate in Business Administration, which is described in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Students exploring a variety of career paths in History are urged to purchase Constance Schulz, Page Putnam Miller, Aaron Marrs, and Kevin Allen, Careers for Students of History (2002), which may be ordered from the American Historical Association at

A very useful link entitled “History: What Can I Do With this Degree?” can be found through UDM’s Cooperative Education and Career Center.