Museum Studies Minor

The minor in Museum Studies, when completed in conjunction with a relevant academic major, will prepare students for entry-level positions in museums and related cultural institutions and to enter graduate programs in Museum Studies and related fields.  This includes a wide range of types of museums:  art museums, natural history museums, museums of science and technology, history museums, planetariums, botanical gardens, and zoos.

UDM is ideally positioned to offer a minor in Museum Studies.  Metropolitan Detroit has a large number and variety of museums and related cultural institutions, which enriches student experiences in the minor, act as living laboratories for Museum Studies courses, and provide a substantive choice of internship sites.

Museum Studies Minor requirements: 18 cr.

 Core Courses (6 cr.) 

  • MUSM 4000 Introduction to Museum Studies  3 cr.
  • MUSM 4980 Internship  3 cr.

Museum Studies Electives (6 cr.)

Two courses selected from the following:

  • MUSM 4100 Museum Education and Interpretation  3 cr.
  • MUSM 4200 Museum Collections Management and Care  3 cr.
  • MUSM 4800 Topics in Museum Studies  3 cr.

Ancillary Courses (6 cr.)

Two courses selected from the following and chosen with the approval of the minor coordinator in Museum Studies:  ARCH 2120, BUS 3110, BUS 3120, BUS 3180, CST 1120, CST 2400, CST 2500, CST 3140, CST 3400, EDU 4000, FINA 2000, GEO 2120, HIS 2910, HIS 3170, HIS 3190, HIS 3600, HIS 3990, HIS 4560, HIS 4570, HIS 4910, HIS 4940, HIS 4950 (Historic Preservation), HIS 4960, MUSM 4950, PHL 3050, POL 3200, SOC 2100, TRE 3060.

Other Requirements: 

  • Exit Interview
  • Mini-Portfolio

For more information about the Museum Studies minor at UDM, please contact:

Dr. Daniel Kroupa
University of Detroit Mercy
4001 W. McNichols Rd.
Detroit, MI  48221

(313) 993-1024