Writing Websites

Style Manuals

  • Diana Hacker's complete reference guide to MLA, APA and Chicago style citations.
  • William Strunk's original version of the Elements of Style (later made famous by E. B. White) is available courtesy of the Bartleby project.
  • Garbl's Style and Usage Links offers links to online style guides and manuals managed by various organizations, businesses, publications and universities.
  • Garbl's Editorial Style Manual is a comprehensive style guide based on the Associated Press Stylebook and other excellent reference books.

Grammar Handbooks

  • WebGrammar is a site devoted to grammar.
  • iScribe has a site devoted to grammar basics and definitions of grammatical terms.


  • Dictionary.com allows you to search multiple dictionaries and references at the same time.
  • Dictionary.net returns word, and phrase definitions from a variety of English dictionary resources
  • iTools has links to a number of dictionaries, thesauruses, and other language tools, including online translators.
  • Merriam Webster Dictionary
  • LookWAYup Dictionary/Thesaurus and Translation is a large online English dictionary that tolerates small spelling errors (U.S. or international spelling), shows definitions for multiple senses of the word, and for each sense shows synonyms, related terms, and usage examples. It will also translate words to French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, or German or vice-versa.
  • Online Dictionaries
  • A list of biograpical info at Biographical Dictionary
  • The Visual Thesaurus offers a visual way of exploring the relationships between words.

Editing Resources