Writing Center Policies

  • Students may make two appointments per day. These appointments may not be back to back.
  • Undergrad appointments are limited to 30 minutes. Grad appointments are limited to 60 minutes with select consultants.
  • Students arriving 10 minutes late to session will be marked as "no show" and may reschedule if their record of previous no-shows is not excessive.
  • Students are responsible to keeping track of their appointment dates and times.
  • "Blue sheets" for ENL 1300 and 1310 must be initialed and signed by a consultant to be considered valid.
  • If students are receiving class credit for a visit with us, the session must be about a project for that class.
  • If students haven't registered online before their appointments, they must do so upon arrival.
  • Computer access is for online registration and use of online writing websites. No printing or checking email.
  • Due to space limitations, only students with appointments or those making appointments are permitted in the   Center.
  • Students must silence and put away cell phones before their appointments. No texting.
How Writing Center Sessions Work

In-Person Appointments: Students come in (Briggs 131) and are actively engaged for 30 minutes with a Consultant. How to prepare: bring your assignment sheet/rubric, your draft, and any other resources the Consultant might need in order to help you (textbook, handouts, etc).

Online Appointments: Students are actively engaged for 30 minutes with the Consultant. The student is able to paste a draft into our online program and the Consultant and Student will instant message one another about ways to improve the draft. How to prepare: have a digital copy of your draft and necessary materials with you to refer to during the session (assignment sheet/rubric, textbook, etc.).

To schedule an in-person or online appointment, visit: The Writing Center Website

For in-person & online appointments, the Writing Center does not provide “drop off” services—all sessions are active engagements between the student and the Consultant.

For questions regarding our services, email Cindy Spires, Writing Center Coordinator, at spirescc@udmercy.edu.