Welcome to the Department of English

English DepartmentWe now offer minors in Literature and Creative Writing in addition to the Major. Students in the English major concentrations read, critique, and write about the best novels, short stories, plays, poetry, films, and web texts ever created. In the Creative Writing concentration, students also produce and create their own stories, poems, novels, and screenplays.

Over the course of their studies, English majors and minors develop their critical thinking skills, technological savvy, artistic abilities, historical and cultural awareness, and a wide range of writing proficiencies. See Our Student Publications >>

Many go on to graduate school in literature, law, or film studies, or become teachers, or work in editing and publishing, or web design, or information management.

Our faculty are dedicated teachers who value personal attention to students' work. Many of them also actively publish scholarly and creative work, and share this knowledge and expertise with their students.

Feel free to contact the English Department Chair or any English faculty if you have any questions or desire more information.