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Discover New Worlds

English majors enjoy many paths to success

As a University of Detroit Mercy English major, you will spend your time immersed in great texts and great conversation with passionate faculty and fellow students. Your journey with us will transport you to other worlds and teach you to empathize with diverse perspectives. You will graduate a strong and confident writer, thinker and speaker, ready to continue your journey in graduate or professional school or pursue a career in a broad range of competitive fields.

Did you know that English majors:

Whether you major or minor in UDM's English program, you will gain essential skills to thrive in your career and life.

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Bachelor of Arts with a Major in English

University of Detroit Mercy's Department of English is home to four undergraduate major concentrations--literature, creative writing, professional writing  and secondary education--as well as minors in literature and creative writing. Our courses are taught by award-winning faculty members who are active scholars and authors and passionate teachers. Whichever concentration you pursue, you will grow as a writer, reader, thinker, and speaker.

English majors and minors in their final semester will submit a portfolio of their work that demonstrates their academic growth within the English Department. Current students can access portfolio guidelines here and a list of English Department student outcomes here.

UDM English—Learn to Write Your Own Ticket!


Bachelor of Arts with a Major in English

Concentration in Literature
Discover great literature through conversation and writing. Learn about yourself and the world; develop as a scholar and critic; collaborate with active scholars in the field.

Concentration in Creative Writing
Discover your voice as you work alongside peers and published authors in genres including poetry, fiction, and screenwriting. Hone your craft through writing and revision.

Concentration in Professional Writing
Discover your professional voice through research, writing for print and digital formats, and oral presentations. Collaborate with professionals in your field and build your resume.

Concentration in Secondary Education
Discover your own passion for teaching as you develop a strong foundation in literature and language. Work with expert teachers as you prepare to educate the next generation of readers and writers.

English Minors:

Creative Writing Minor
Find your voice and develop your craft as a poet, novelist, essayist or screenwriter.

Literature Minor
Complement any major with the study of literature.  Enhance your writing skills and set yourself apart from the crowd.

English Minors Expand Their Skills and Their Horizons

A minor in literature or creative writing is the perfect complement to any major at University of Detroit Mercy. Our English minors read and discuss great literary texts and hone their own craft as writers and scholars over the course of 6 classes (18 credits). Depending on your major, one to four of those classes also earns credit for the UDM Core Curriculum. As our students themselves will tell you, a literature or creative writing minor at UDM will enhance your intellectual and professional development and help you grow as a person and student. Read the great things our students say about these minors:

Blake Armstrong, biology major (pre-med), literature minor

Blake Armstrong

Pairing my literature minor with my biology major was the best decision I made at UDM and my college experience would have been diminished without it.

Mianna Gonczar, biology major, literature minor
Mianna Gonczar

Starting at UDM as a biology major, I was overwhelmed with the amount of science courses ahead of me. After choosing my literature minor, I have the opportunity to take classes that reflect and build my interests; the courses allow for a creative outlet in an otherwise rigid class-load. The education I've received from my literature minor has allowed me to expand my views on the world, the people around me, and who I am.

Maeve Nichols, 5-year BS/MS information assurance, literature minor
Maeve Nichos

Declaring a minor in literature has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my academic career. As a cybersecurity major, I’m required to take a large amount of technical, computer based courses for my degree. Having a minor in literature has enabled me to diversify my education by taking courses that promote creativity and analytical thinking. Additionally, I have gained invaluable skills in reading, writing, and communication that give me an edge in any career path, including computers.

Rachel Wozniak, criminal justice major, literature minor
Rachel Wozniak

The English Department at UDM has expanded my horizons of reading exponentially. My professors have provided me with the tools, information, and passion that I needed to branch out of my comfort zone. The classes required for my minor have taught me just how important literature is in everyday life, and how much of an impact it has on the world around me. My reading and writing skills have also improved significantly thanks to the careful eye of professors in small classes coaching me every step of the way.  I am forever grateful for the lessons learned while completing my Literature minor at UDM. 

English Majors Pursue Rewarding Careers and Lives

Alumni of UDM English have gone on to pursue exciting and rewarding careers in law, education, business, marketing, politics, and writing.

Listen to what some of our recent alumni have to say about what they gained through their UDM English degree:

Riham Alwan, '07, resident physician, Henry Ford Medical Center

Riham Alwan

My pursuit of a dual major in English and biochemistry engaged both my analytical, regimented self and allowed my mind unlimited creative explorations. I cherish the memories of my undergraduate experience, and I would not be the woman I am today had it not been for Detroit Mercy.

Jasmine Davis, '14, second year student, University of Michigan Law School
Jasmine Davis

Having a concentration in literature forced me to become an active reader with a critical eye for detail; I have learned how to approach texts from a critical standpoint and to analyze texts in depth.

Michelle Styczynski, '12, research advocate, Consumer Federation of America
Michelle Stycznski

I became an English major because I was deeply inspired by the conversations that took place in my English courses; now I receive praise from supervisors who say that my research and writing are thorough, clear, and convincing.

Deonte Osayande, '13, poet, adjunct professor, Wayne County Community College

I am grateful that I had professors who invested in me during class hours, during office hours, and even off the clock to help me develop as a writer and as a human being. It turned what I thought I knew about English and Literature all the way around.

Giulia Pink, '15, copywriter, Quicken Loans
Jasmine Davis

To incoming freshmen unsure of what to study, I say: Major in Liberal Arts, but only if you are curious and want to discover incredible things about yourself and those around you.

Why English majors rock their careers!

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An English major/minor prepares you with essential skills for your chosen career path. English does not prepare you for one career; it prepares you for a lifetime of professional development.

Download this flyer for great tips on professionalizing your English degree.

What jobs can you get with an English major/minor?
The question is, what job can’t you get? Great career options include:

Creative Writing
Freelance Writing
Grant Writing
Higher Education Administration
Human Resources
Library Science/Information Science
Magazine Writing
Non-Profit Administration
Public Policy/Government
Public Relations
Public Service
Research Analysis
Science Writing
Social Work
Speech Writing
Sports Writing
Technical Writing
Website Development

Click to read more at the UDM Career Education Center.

Career skills an English major/minor fosters:

Assessing an audience and crafting a message for maximum effect
Creating persuasive messages, influencing and persuading
Perceiving the world from multiple points of view
Reading critically; analyzing texts and information
Thinking out of the box
Understanding and managing complex information
Working independently; working well with others
Writing and speaking with confidence, clarity, and sophistication

Graduate and professional school

An undergraduate degree in English is an excellent foundation for a variety of graduate and professional programs. English majors score competitively on the GRE, LSAT, MCAT, and GMAT exams. English alumni successfully pursue careers in law, medicine, business, education, and more.

Graduate and professional degrees that English undergraduates pursue include:

Business School
Creative Writing (M.F..A)
Film (M.A./Ph.D.)
Law School
Literature (M.A./Ph.D.)
Medical School
Professional Programs
Writing Studies/Rhetoric (M.A./Ph.D.)

The Writing Center is a resource for undergraduate and graduate students at Detroit Mercy. Many of the student consultants at the Writing Center are English majors and minors who gain valuable experience helping peers improve their craft.

What can you do at the Writing Center?

• Engage in one-to-one sessions with trained peer consultants
• Work on any stage of the writing process
• Review your assignments, drafts, instructor feedback and questions
• Get support if English is not your first language

Click to book your appointment with the Writing Center at Detroit Mercy.

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