Special Education

The College of Liberal Arts & Education offers two programs leading to endorsements in

  • Learning Disabilities
  • Emotionally Impaired/Behaviorally Disordered

Learning Disabilities is a field of Special Education which deals with children who have average or above average intelligence but who are not able to learn in conventional ways.

The Emotionally Impaired/Behaviorally Disordered is a field of Special Education which deals with children who are unable to learn or to function due to emotional and or behavioral problems.

Students completing the requirements for either program earn a Bachelor of Science in Education (B.S.Ed.) degree.

Special Education Program

Students majoring in special education will be recommended for an elementary provisional certification or a secondary provisional certificate. The special education major qualifies students to teach the special education category from kindergarten to grade 12.

Additionally, the state elementary provisional certificate is valid for teaching all subjects in grades K-5, and for teaching K-8 self-contained.

The state secondary provisional certificate is valid for teaching in subject areas in grades 7 to and including grade 12 in which the applicant has completed a major or minor.


Course requirements for major programs in special education learning disabilities and emotionally impaired/behaviorally disordered are distributed as follows:

University Core Curriculum as Specified

Professional Education Core (36 cr. minimum)

Students planning to become certified to teach in learning disabilities or the emotionally impaired/behaviorally disordered must complete a minimum of 36 semester credit hours of coursework which include educational foundations, teaching methodology including instructional technology, reading instruction, special education, classroom observation and participation, and student teaching.

Teaching Minor (20-24 cr.)

Minors are chosen from those listed under elementary education program.

Learning Disabilities Major (36 cr.)

  •  EDU 4310 School and Classroom Management 3 cr.
  •  PYC 2500 Developmental Psychology 3 cr.
  •  PYC 4400 Cross-Cultural Socialization 3 cr.
  •  SED 3570 Special Education Field Experience 3 cr.
  •  SED 3700 Introduction to Special Education: Learning Disabilities 3 cr.
  •  SED 3710 Curriculum and Instruction: Learning Disabilities 3 cr.
  •  SED 4120 Special Education in the Secondary Schools 3 cr.
  •  SED 4530 Assessment in Special Education 3 cr.
  •  SED 4670 Strategies for Teaching Math & Language Arts to the LD 3 cr.
  •  SED 4860 Response to Intervention 3 cr.
  •  SED 4740 Directed Student Teaching:SPED- Learning Disabilities 6 cr.

Emotionally Impaired/Behaviorally Disordered Major (39 cr.)

  •        EDU 4310 School and Classroom Management 3 cr.
  •        PYC 2500 Developmental Psychology 3 cr.
  •        PYC 3420 Abnormal Psychology 3 cr.
  •        PYC 4400 Cross-Cultural Socialization 3 cr.
  •        SED 3570 Special Education Field Experience 3 cr.
  •        SED 3800 Introduction to Special Education: EI/BD 3 cr.
  •        SED 3810 Curriculum and Instruction: EI/BD 3 cr.
  •        SED 4120 Special Education in the Secondary Schools 3 cr.
  •        SED 4530 Assessment in Special Education 3 cr.
  •        SED 4820 Educating Severely EI/BD and Autistic Students 3 cr.
  •        SED 4840 Directed Student Teaching: SPED- EI 6 cr.
  •        SED 4860 Response to Intervention 3 cr.

UDM Teacher Education Attains National Accreditation!

The University of Detroit Mercy Education Department is proud to announce its national accreditation by the Teacher Education Council (TEAC) effective October 25, 2012.

We are now entitled to use the TEAC affiliation and accreditation in the University of Detroit Mercy Teacher Education Program.  Our mission is to develop educators who:

  • Are ethical, value-directed persons;
  • Possess a scholarly mastery of subject matter;
  • Recognize that all children can learn; and
  • Engage students in an interactive, dynamic process of learning

The Education Department is granted TEAC Initial Accreditation for a period of five years, from October 2012 to October 2017.  This accreditation certifies that the University of Detroit Mercy’s professional education program has provided evidence it adheres to TEAC’s Quality Principles.

In keeping with TEAC’s policy on Program Performance Disclosure (Policy XI), the Education Department is posting a link on our program’s website to the Summary of the Case that is also posted on the TEAC website (www.teac.org/membership/teac-members) and to the Title II Reporting Website (https://title2.ed.gov/Title2STRC/DataTools/Files.aspx).  

Congratulations to the UDM Department of Education on achieving national accreditation from the Teacher Accreditation Council!

Funding Your Education 

Get 60% off your tuition through the School Educator’s Tuition Remission Discount 

If you are currently working full-time as a teacher, substitute, administrator, paraprofessional, counselor, or teacher’s aid of an elementary or secondary school you may be eligible to receive 60% off your tuition. Applicants in good standing must enroll in an education program to be eligible. 

Click here for the Educator Tuition Remission Application.

MTTC Financial Assistance

If you are currently enrolled in the Teacher Education Program at UDM you may qualify to receive a voucher to cover the cost of the MTTC content exam.  This offer is extended to those enduring a financial hardship or a substantial financial burden.  You may apply for this voucher by clicking the below link to access the application.   Please submit the completed application to Reno Hall room 247.    This application is not associated with those taking the Michigan Basic Skills Test (MBST), those seeking assistance for the cost of study materials or other supplies. 

MTTC Voucher Application