Secondary Teacher Education

Secondary Teacher Education

Students preparing to teach in secondary schools may complete the requirements for a teaching certificate in connection with their degree programs in the College of Liberal Arts & Education or the College of Engineering & Science.

The requirements for a secondary school teaching certificate include completion of a teaching major and teaching minor in an academic subject area appropriate to the secondary school and the professional education sequence. In most instances, the degree major constitutes the teaching major.

Students in the secondary teacher education program are assigned an advisor in the Education Department upon admission to the teacher certification program to plan the completion of the teaching major, the teaching minor and the education sequence of courses.

Teaching Majors and Minors

A teaching major consists of not less than 30 semester hours in a single discipline or 36 semester hours in a group of disciplines. A teaching minor consists of not less than 20 semester hours in a single discipline or not less than 24 semester hours in a group of disciplines. The department reserves the right to require specific courses in the major and minor.

The following teaching majors and minors are approved by the State Board of Education for Secondary Certification:



Degree Requirements

Teacher Certification Required Courses-Secondary
Note: Pre-teacher education students are expected to pass all sections of the Professional Readiness Exam (PRE) --reading, mathematics and writing--prior to admission into the teacher education program.

Students planning to become certified to teach in secondary schools must complete 35 semester credit hours in the following sequence of Education courses.

EDU 4000 Introduction to Education (Must be
completed within the first two semesters
of enrollment in a Teacher Education Program)
3 credits
EDU 4320 Psychology of Education (with Lab)
(Pre or co-requisite:
EDU 4000. Prerequisite for all methods courses:
4780, 4690, 4710, 4730, 4740)
3 credits
EDU 4200 Philosophy of Education 3 credits
EDU 4400 School and Society 3 credits
SED 4600 Mainstreaming and Education of Exceptional Persons 3 credits
EDU 4590 Instructional Technology 3 credits
EDU 4780 Teaching Reading in the Content Areas
(Prerequisite: EDU 4320. Must be admitted
into Teacher Certification Program*)
3 credits
EDU 4690 Secondary Methods 3 credits

One of the following:

EDU 4710 Secondary Mathematics Methods 3 credits
EDU 4730 Secondary Social Studies Methods 3 credits
EDU 4740 Secondary Communications Methods 3 credits
EDU 4750 Secondary Science Methods 3 credits


EDU 4900* Secondary Student Teaching 8 credits

* See current Teacher Certification Handbook for requirements.

Post Degree Certification
Required course work is dependent upon the student's course work. Students planning to pursue post degree education certification should make an appointment with an education advisor to develop a planned program.


The Education Department is granted TEAC Initial Accreditation for a period of five years, from October 2012 to October 2017.  This accreditation certifies that the University of Detroit Mercy’s professional education program has provided evidence it adheres to TEAC’s Quality Principles.

In keeping with TEAC’s policy on Program Performance Disclosure (Policy XI), the Education Department is posting a link on our program’s website to the Summary of the Case that is also posted on the TEAC website ( and to the Title II Reporting Website (  

Congratulations to the UDM Department of Education on achieving national accreditation from the Teacher Accreditation Council!

Funding Your Education 

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MTTC Financial Assistance

If you are currently enrolled in the Teacher Education Program at UDM you may qualify to receive a voucher to cover the cost of the MTTC content exam.  This offer is extended to those enduring a financial hardship or a substantial financial burden.  You may apply for this voucher by clicking the below link to access the application.   Please submit the completed application to Reno Hall room 247.    This application is not associated with those taking the Michigan Basic Skills Test (MBST), those seeking assistance for the cost of study materials or other supplies. 

MTTC Voucher Application