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Teacher Education Student Resource Room

Are you preparing to take the State of Michigan Certification Tests for your teaching major and minor? If so, you may want to utilize the resources in the newly created Teacher Education Resource Room.  All Students considering teaching as a career can benefit and are welcome to use this facility.

Available resources include study materials for each UDM teaching major and minor. Copies of sample test questions are included for your use. These study materials provide complementary study aids for the information that can be located on the State of Michigan Teacher Certification website. http://www.mttc.nesinc.com/MI_prepare_opener.asp

Additional Study Guides are available on the Library Research Portal:


The Teacher Education Resource Room is located in Reno Hall 237 and is available for student use, at no cost, during office hours or by arrangement with Ms. Kim Dale by calling (313)-578-0401.

(Note: Resources were made possible through a UDM Mission Micro Grant and donations made by education alumni.)

Funding Your Education

Get 60% off your tuition through the School Educator’s Tuition Remission Discount

If you are currently working full-time as a teacher, substitute, administrator, paraprofessional, counselor, or teacher’s aid of an elementary or secondary school you may be eligible to receive 60% off your tuition. Applicants in good standing must enroll in an education program to be eligible.

 For the application for this discount please visit the following link:   


New! Job Postings


The following free links provide a list of resources within a comprehensive database of available teaching specific scholarships and all the different career opportunities in the United States of America.  Please feel free to review the resources for additional assistance.



Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC) update

UDM Teacher Education Attains National Accreditation!

The University of Detroit Mercy Education Department is proud to announce its national accreditation by the Teacher Education Council (TEAC) effective October 25, 2012.

We are now entitled to use the TEAC affiliation and accreditation in the University of Detroit Mercy Teacher Education Program.  Our mission is to develop educators who:

  • Are ethical, value-directed persons;
  • Possess a scholarly mastery of subject matter;
  • Recognize that all children can learn; and
  • Engage students in an interactive, dynamic process of learning

The Education Department is granted TEAC Initial Accreditation for a period of five years, from October 2012 to October 2017.  This accreditation certifies that the University of Detroit Mercy’s professional education program has provided evidence it adheres to TEAC’s Quality Principles.

In keeping with TEAC’s policy on Program Performance Disclosure (Policy XI), the Education Department is posting a link on our program’s website to the Summary of the Case that is also posted on the TEAC website (www.teac.org/membership/teac-members) and to the Title II Reporting Website (https://title2.ed.gov/Title2STRC/DataTools/Files.aspx).  

Congratulations to the UDM Department of Education on achieving national accreditation from the Teacher Accreditation Council!