MA in Special Education with Emotionally Impaired/Behaviorally Disordered Endorsement (K-12)

Admission Requirements

The requirements for admission to graduate study in Special Education are a 3.0 grade point average and fulfillment of requirements for a state teaching certificate, or a background of education and experience satisfactory to the department. Applicants for programs in Special Education will be required to give evidence of their ability to pursue a professional career in the area chosen for study by submitting three letters of recommendation.

Emotionally Impaired/Behaviorally Disordered

This program of graduate-level courses will enable teachers and other professionals with a prior special education endorsement to pursue a second endorsement-specifically in Special Education-Emotionally Impaired/Behaviorally Disordered. Course work will focus on developing knowledge and skills in behavior assessment, academic and cognitive instructional research-based methods, and collaborative consultation.

Degree Requirements

The following 46 semester hours of course work comprise the program:

EDU 5000 Methods of Educational Research 3 credits
EDU 5130 Principles of Learning, Development & Adjustment 3 credits
EDU 5260 Collaboration & Consultation in Education 3 credits
SED 5860 Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Exceptional Students 3 credits
EDU 6000 Computer Uses in Education 3 credits
EDU 6310 School & Classroom Management 3 credits
SED 5120 Special Education in the Secondary Schools 3 credits
SED 5600 Educating and Mainstreaming Exceptional Persons 3 credits
SED 5630 Identification & Assessment in Special Education 3 credits
SED 5810 The Emotionally Impaired/Behaviorally Disordered 3 credits
SED 5820 Educating Severely Emotionally Impaired/Behaviorally Disordered & Autistic Students 3 credits
SED 5830 Educating the Emotionally Impaired/Behaviorally Disordered 3 credits
SED 5850 Educating Diverse & Special Populations in the Inclusive Setting 3 credits
SED 5870 Seminar in Special Education 3 credits
SED 5880 Practicum in Special Education: Emotionally Impaired/Behaviorally Disordered 4 credits

Total: 46 credits
A master's research paper is completed in SED 5870.