"The Education department at UDM is truly different from other programs ... I am so grateful for the influence of this program on my development as an educator and for the community of love and support that they provided."

Are you passionately committed to the learning process? University of Detroit Mercy’s Education program is for you! From the time you begin, you’ll enroll in interactive classes that blend learning from a variety of sources — classroom, on-line and field experience — and prepare you to achieve your career goals. So, whether you dream of being the best classroom teacher or leading a department, school, district or educational program, University of Detroit Mercy Education programs offer you the keys to achieve your goals.

Great Academics

Are you looking to qualify for teacher certification? Improve your skills with an endorsement? Be a leader in your field as you engage in graduate studies in Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Administration or Special Education? UDM has top-notch programs approved by the Michigan Department of Education. Our Teacher Certification Education program is accredited by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC).

Small class sizes mean you’ll never be just another face in the crowd; your professors will know and mentor you as an individual. In fact, many students form mentor relationships with faculty that last long past graduation.

Among our greatest points of pride:

  • Our faculty members have doctorate degrees and extensive first-hand experience in their areas of expertise: as classroom and special education teachers; in school, district and university leadership roles.
  • We were the first teacher preparation program in the state to work with Michigan Virtual University to provide students with teaching experience in an on-line classroom learning environment, and the first to guide students to develop and publish our Educator Code of Ethics.
  • Students engage in action research projects that provide avenues for leading school improvement initiatives during their graduate course of study
  • Collaborative relationships with universities around the United States and abroad offer students the opportunity for international experience.
  • All classes provide students with field experience opportunities, and teacher certification students complete a minimum of 80-100 hours of field service, depending on their certification specialty before student teaching.

Great Outcomes

Our students are successful teachers, department heads, administrators, program directors, higher education instructors and educational consultants — all of who make a positive difference in students’ lives.

You will advance in your professional career in education, thanks to the experiences afforded to you at UDM. Forming professional learning networks with your class colleagues, using access to the latest interactive technology, such as smart boards, cameras and audio editing equipment to create effective learning experiences, and participating through on-line collaborations as well as in local, state and national conventions, allow you to engage in valuable professional collaborations that will form a basis for continued professional development.

When you graduate, your electronic portfolio will demonstrate evidence of your professional knowledge and skills to potential employers. Not sure why this matters?

“Initially, I thought an electronic portfolio was a waste of time,” said one graduate. “But now I see it as what sets me apart from other candidates.”

  • Each year, nearly 50 percent of our teacher certification graduates fill high-need areas of math, science and special education.
  • Two teacher certification students were named “Best Intern” by the Teachers of Promise Foundation.
  • Graduates of UDM Master Degree Programs are recognized regularly as outstanding teachers by their School Administrators and students for their contributions to student learning and school outcome achievement.
  • Professional contributions of Graduate Students include published articles and books to improve teaching and learning; presentations at local, state and national professional conferences; creation of their own educational consulting businesses; design and development of programs to improve higher education learning; piloting innovative curriculum programs; and, pursuit of doctoral degrees in their chosen field of study in order to continue achieving their career goals.

Alumni Profile: Ann Raftery

Master of Arts, Curriculum and Instruction

 When Ann Raftery began her graduate program at UDM, she intended to become an elementary school math teacher. But her plans began to shift when she volunteered for Sweet Dreamzzz, Inc., a Farmington Hills-based nonprofit that works with schools — many in areas where the poverty level is 90 to 99 percent — to teach students (and their parents) healthy sleep habits... Read more.

ann raftery

Great Values

For more than 100 years, UDM has prepared educators for successful careers. We believe in the power of education to positively impact society.

Our Education programs focus on developing the know-how to be an educator who uses research, inquiry and the guidelines of the UDM Educator Code of Ethics to act as a moral agent in the best interests of students who continually improve our world.

Do you dream of being a leader in your classroom, in an educational program, a school community, professional organization, a district or school system? We can help you do great things to achieve your dream!

Great American City

Our students — prospective teachers, practicing educators, administrative interns, school principals — benefit from our deep connections throughout the Detroit metropolitan area. We collaborate with public, private, charter and faith-based schools, higher education, educational institutions and professional organizations in and around the city.

You have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of students and parents from across our diverse area. You will gain critical experience from day one; the “know – how” to use your conceptual understanding and skill set with various social, economic and cultural populations. Learn how to capitalize on the energy and dynamics across a broad range of populations, businesses, industries and organizations to address 21st century challenges.

Come, open the door, visit us and learn how you can play an active role in creating your own path to success. Great things are in store for you at the University of Detroit Mercy!

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