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The University Partnership Program is a unique plan devised by Macomb Community College, and approved by Macomb County voters in 1988 and begun in August, 1991. The program is offered in partnership with UDM providing Macomb County residents increased access to advanced education through a mix of bachelor's and master's degree programs. The Degree Partnership Program is an alternative to "going away" to college or attending an isolated university extension center.

Mission & Purpose 

Students enrolled in any one of the Macomb University Center's academic programs have at their disposal the educational and co-curricular resources of both the UDM and Macomb Community College. In devising its "best of both worlds" approach, Macomb believes it has created a unique plan for a unique student.

Through participation in any one of its academic programs, students receive their final years of instruction at the Macomb University Center.   Because the mix of degree programs can change, please contact us for current information regarding programs and services.