Multimedia Journalism Minor

The Multimedia Journalism minor gives students a solid foundation for succeeding in the field of journalism. The minor produces graduates who are multifaceted in their skills and prepared for entry-level positions with media outlets. It also offers expertise to students who hope to pursue careers in other disciplines that intersect with the media, such as business, law, English, history, political science and education. The minor requires 18 credits and the submission of a portfolio at the completion of the courses.

Required Courses (9 credit hours):
CST 2030 News Writing & Reporting I 3 credits
CST 2100 Video Production 3 credits
CST 3033 News Writing and Reporting II 3 credits
One course from the following (3 credit hours):
CST 2100 Audio Production 3 credits
CST 2150 Multimedia I 3 credits
CST 2200 Photography 3 credits
Two courses from the following (6 credit hours):
CST 3100 Audio Production-Direction 3 credits
CST 3110 Single Camera Video Production 3 credits
CST 3120 Multi-Camera Video Production 3 credits
CST 4210 News Editing, Design, and Management 3 credits

Contact: Professor Tom Stanton