Why get a degree in Intelligence Analysis at UDM?

Mapping Lab

Students enrolled in the program will be afforded state of the art learning resources, such as the Crime Mapping Software available through the Department's mapping lab located in Briggs 135 and its designation as a special Center for Crime Analysis and Geographic Profiling.


A key component of course work in Intelligence Analysis is an emphasis on the ethical issues involved in this area. There are essentially two.

  1. What is the information being used for--is the organization that one is assisting (be it governmental or private) engaged in proper activity?
  2. Is the organization seeking information that can be gained through appropriate methods and is it seeking an honest assessment of that information?

A professional degree in Intelligence Analysis is a critical step for insuring that intelligence analysts understand the possible political miss-use that an analysis can be applied to and thus that they recognize the larger societal constituency to whom they are also responsible.


As a major border city, one which has the highest volume of commercial traffic with a foreign country of any U.S. city, Detroit is uniquely located to provide corporate, local law enforcement, and national government opportunities, issues, and situations relevant to intelligence analysis.

Job Market

Given that both national agencies and global companies are seeking competent graduates to fill positions in this area, there is currently a lack of supply on both the national and local level. Read more about the job market....