Master of Science in Computer and Information Systems in Software Management

The Master of Science Degree in Computer and Information Systems produces effective leaders for advanced technology organizations. It offers the most up-to-date, industry based, knowledge of best practices in IT process development, leadership and program management. It provides seamlessly integrated strategic understanding of the correct way to manage lifecycle and information assurance processes.

Graduates will be able to interact and function effectively in a multi-national, multi-tiered project environment. They will be among the first people capable of bringing coherent understanding and direction to an industry that no longer functions within the limits of borders, or cultures. In addition, they will be able to ensure that their organizations will be able to compete successfully within this new paradigm.

Specific knowledge areas include: IT portfolio and project management, system requirements elicitation and specification, comprehensive program construction concepts, assurance and business alignment processes and information assurance, audit and control. Upon graduation students will be able to create and oversee productive and continuously improving management control infrastructures for large, complex and diverse businesses.