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Graduate Programs

  • Master's in Cybersecurity (IA)
  • Master's in Computer & Information Systems

5-Year Bachelor's to Master's

  • Bachelor's in Cybersecurity; Master's in Cybersecurity (IA)
  • Bachelor's in Cybersecurity; Master's in Intelligence Analysis

Bachelor of Science

  • Major: Cybersecurity
Cybersecurity and In-Demand Computer Careers

If you love computers and technology, but want to focus on the big picture of how technology is used in business and in protecting the national infrastructure, rather than on coding and programming, University of Detroit Mercy's Computer and Information Systems program has degree options designed with you in mind.

Graduate and Undergraduate Programs

As an undergraduate student, you could earn your bachelor's of science with a major in cybersecurity or you could select from a range of plans that allow you to go from bachelor's to master's in only five years. For graduate students, we offer a Master of Science in Information Assurance (Cybersecurity) and a Master of Science in Computer & Information Systems with an emphasis on software management. Both graduate programs are available online for added convenience and flexibility.

A National Center of Academic Excellence

University of Detroit Mercy's Center for Cybersecurity and Intelligence Studies is one of the top three Centers of Academic Excellence in secure software and supply chain assurance. In addition, several courses have been designated by the United States National Security Agency Critical Infrastructure Protection Board Committee on National Security Systems for Information Assurance Center of Excellence Certification.

You will receive an outstanding and well-rounded education that will not only teach you the foundations of the field, but also will hone your ability to think critically and analytically, adapt to change and communicate effectively.

Your career in cybersecurity starts with your degree at UDM

In a world of ever-evolving technology, we have never been more connected or more vulnerable.  Corporations, governments and even your personal identity are at risk.  Presently, there is more demand for cybersecurity professionals than there are people to fill the positions.

Technologies will always change, but once you have the theoretical and applied foundations, you will be positioned to adapt to a lifetime of career opportunities.

University of Detroit Mercy (UDM) is one of the nation's academic institutions that pioneered curriculum in cybersecurity more than a decade ago.  UDM is recognized by the Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency as a national Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance.

Through UDM's undergraduate curriculum, you will take courses that guide you along a journey from understanding the human factors of IT security to the cryptic world of digital forensics and the many destinations along the way including networks, software assurance, software sustainment and secure database programming.

Your career in cybersecurity starts with your degree at UDM.  Apply today.

Accelerate your career starting with your freshman year

University of Detroit Mercy's accelerated program will take ambitiously driven, career-minded students from a bachelor's degree to a master's degree in only five years!

Want to learn more? Click on the 5-year tab at the top of this page to learn more about our two options to supercharge your cybersecurity education.

Where could you be in 5 years?

For ambitious, driven and career-minded incoming freshmen, University of Detroit Mercy offers two options to increase your knowledge and skills as a full-time student for 10 semesters (5 academic years) before entering the workforce:

  • Bachelor's in Cybersecurity; Master's in Cybersecurity (Information Assurance)
  • Bachelor's in Cybersecurity; Master's in Intelligence Analysis

Look at your next 5 years!
  First Year 36 undergraduate credits
  Second Year 36 undergraduate credits
  Third Year 36 undergraduate credits
  Fourth Year  
  First Semester: 9-12 undergraduate credits
  6 graduate credits
  Second Semester: 9-12 undergraduate credits
  6 graduate credits
  Fifth Year
  First Semester: 9-12 graduate credits
      Second Semester: 9-12 graduate credits including Capstone course, if required

How it works to save you time and money

  • Enroll as a freshman.
  • Pay full time undergraduate tuition during the first four years.
  • Pay regular graduate tuition for the fifth year.

You realize a substantial savings because the first 12 credits of your graduate program are covered at the undergraduate tuition rate. In addition, the graduate program is reduced by the four courses taken while an undergraduate. This accelerates your schedule and completes both programs five years. this is a huge savings!

In order to complete both the bachelor's and master's degrees in five years, you must:

  • Be very well prepared as an incoming freshman;
  • Satisfy all the admission criteria (see below); and
  • Maintain a 3.25 GPA at UDM, in order to take graduate level courses while still an undergraduate.

 Admission into the Program

Qualifications for the 5-year programs for incoming freshmen are:

  • A high school ACT composite score of 25, with a minimum of 22 in each section.
  • A high school grade point average of 3.4 overall on a 4.0 point scale.
  • Students must place into appropriate-level math and writing courses at UDM.

UDM is a Center of Excellence in Information Assurance

UDM is one of the Top Three Centers of Academic Excellence in Secure Software and Supply Chain Assurance. Learn more.

Develop total-protection solutions to mitigate cybersecurity threats

UDM's master's degree in cybersecurity (information assurance) will provide you with comprehensive knowledge of the entire field of cybersecurity.

You will learn all of the basic cybersecurity principles, technologies and processes and then take seven elective classes tailored to your interests. These elective classes are designed to prepare you to step into specific roles in the cybersecurity workforce and are geared to the National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (NICE 2.0), which is the commonly accepted definition of the various jobs in the field.

Our successful graduates work in government, private and corporate settings including the U.S. Department of Defense and major automotive companies. 

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Gain a competitive edge in a digital, global world

University of Detroit Mercy's master's degree in computer and information systems is an opportunity for you to advance your career and shine as an information technology leader.

The curriculum conveys the entire body of professional knowledge in best practice with regard to IT work. Its content is derived from and fully conformant with recommendations for programs of this type established by the Association for Computer Machinery (ACM) and the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). It offers the most up-to-date, industry based, knowledge of best practices in IT process development, leadership and program management. It provides seamlessly integrated strategic understanding of the correct way to manage lifecycle and information assurance processes.

Specific knowledge areas include: IT portfolio and project management, system requirements elicitation and specification, comprehensive program construction concepts, assurance and business alignment processes and information assurance, audit and control. Upon graduation students will be able to create and oversee productive and continuously improving management control infrastructures for large, complex and diverse businesses.

Upon graduation you will be able to create and oversee productive and continuously improving management control infrastructures for large, complex and diverse businesses.

Dual MBA/MSCIS degree option

A dual MBA/MSCIS degree option is offered to those who wish to expand their knowledge of the business environment along with the rapidly changing world of information technology. Under this option, up to 15 credits from one degree may be applied to the other degree. Grades earned in those 15 credits will not be counted in the calculation of the grade point average for the second degree.

Students who desire this joint degree option should normally declare their intention during their first semester of enrollment. Students must contact their advisor to file the appropriate form with the Graduate Office. Students must meet the admission requirements for both programs, must fulfill all foundation requirements for both programs, and must successfully complete the coursework specified for the dual degree option.

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