Minor In Addiction Studies

Director: Daniel Duryea, Ph.D., CRC
Reno 236
4001 W. McNichols Rd.
Detroit, MI 48221-3038

This curriculum is intended for two types of undergraduate students: 1) those who are majoring in one of the helping professions, such as Psychology, Social Work or Human Services and hope to improve their employment options without a graduate degree by adding expertise in Addiction Studies; 2) those who are pursuing a degree in an area somewhat removed from the helping professions, such as Health Services Administration, where knowledge and expertise in addictions and recovery is a helpful adjunct. Because of the education and professional training the student brings to the program from his or her major it is possible to provide a curriculum of course work and field experience in Addiction Studies totaling 21 credit hours that prepares the student to work effectively on behalf of those adversely affected by addictive disorders.

Addiction Counseling Certification
The State of Michigan sponsors the Certified Addictions Counselor credential (CAC). It is strongly recommended in this state and many others that any professional who counsels chemically dependent clients have this certification. The Minor in Addiction Studies provides all the educational and internship hours required for the CAC, should the graduate choose to apply for it. Additional requirements (examination and clinical hours) are the responsibility of the graduate.

Admission Requirements

  • Admission to undergraduate studies at UDM.
  • Declaration of a major which would interface effectively with the Minor.
  • Interview with Addiction Studies program director or designated faculty member.
  • Filing of program application accompanied by a statement of career goals.

The Curriculum has three components:

1. A core of four required courses totaling 12 credits:
ADS 1000 Introduction to Substance Abuse   3 credits
ADS 1200 Assessment, Referral, and Treatment Methods   3 credits
ADS 2410 Techniques of Individual Counseling   3 credits
ADS 4360 Family Theory and Therapy   3 credits
2. Two elective courses totaling 6 credits from the following
ADS 4170 Chemical Dependence and Youth   3 credits
ADS 4210 Gambling and Sexual Addiction   3 credits
ADS 4430 Group Methods   3 credits
ADS 4470 Employee Assistance Programming   3 credits
ADS 4600 Spirituality and Recovery   3 credits
ADS 4950 Addictive Populations   3 credits

3. A clinical component totaling three credits to be fulfilled as a field placement of 300 hours. (A non-clinical
minor can be awarded to those students who choose to take a third ADS elective in place of the internship.)

ADS 4440 Internship   3 credits
Total Credit Hours: 21