Graduate Program Options

Master of Arts in Counseling Programs

The Counseling program at the University of Detroit Mercy combines practical, theoretical, traditional, and experiential learning in the education of professional counselors. This program offers students the opportunity to grow personally as well as professionally. The atmosphere at UDM fosters positive communication between faculty and students allowing each person the opportunity to develop as an active learner in a quest to develop a personal learning and counseling style. Course scheduling and faculty advising is tailored to meet the needs of working professionals, therefore, courses are offered during evening hours.

The Counseling Program provides students with the requisite skills and knowledge to be the most effective professional counselors and to work across a variety of settings. While all Counseling students are trained as mental health clinicians, the Program allows students to specialize in one of three areas of Counseling that include:

Each program fulfills the state of Michigan educational requirements for the Limited Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).

Licensed Professional Counselor - LPC

Quick facts about the LPC are provided here.