Organizations and Centers

Carney Latin American Solidarity Archive

A rare collection of Spanish and English books, human rights reports, independent newspapers and newsletters, and social justice papers. Our archive houses more than 25 years of work by individuals and organizations working in solidarity to aid the people of Latin America.

Cyber Security and Intelligence Studies

University of Detroit Mercy has created the Center for Cyber Security and Intelligence Studies to serve as a multidisciplinary education and research entity focusing on the best practices in the field. The Center brings together UDM’s strength in criminal justice, security and computer expertise.

Dudley Randall Center for Print Culture

The philosophy of the Center is based on the elimination of the boundaries traditionally drawn in the field of publishing between electronic and print projects, and between academic, student, and community scholars and writers. One of the key ways we will achieve this goal is in the nature of the projects the Center produces.

Language and Cultural Training

Detroit’s premier source for corporate language training. We provide customized language programs for a variety of professionals.

Programs are offered in Arabic, Aramaic, Chinese (Mandarin), Croatian, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian),  Russian, Spanish, and English as a Second Language. We also offer training in Accent Reduction and American Business English.

Study Abroad

University of Detroit Mercy provides several contexts for study, including exchange programs, semester-long programs, and short-term, faculty-led study programs. Interested students should consult with the departments sponsoring the programs for more information.

Writing Center

Engage in one-to-one sessions with peer consultants, work on any stage of the writing process, review your assignments, drafts, instructor feedback, and question.