Roy E Finkenbine

Professor of History, teaches African American and nineteenth-century American history. A specialist on slavery, abolition, the Civil War, and the Underground Railroad, he is currently engaged in a study of the search for emancipation, citizenship, and reparations through the experience of one prominent former slave. As Associate Editor of the Black Abolitionist Papers Project at Florida State University, he co-edited the five-volume Black Abolitionist Papers, 1830-1865 and Witness for Freedom: African American Voices on Race, Slavery, and Emancipation. He recently completed a second edition of Sources of the African American Past. He is director of the Black Abolitionist Archives in the College of Liberal Arts and Education. He was recently reappointed by Gov. Rick Snyder to the Michigan Freedom Trail Commission. Finkenbine holds a Ph.D. degree from Bowling Green State University, and joined the University in 1996.

Watch Dr. Finkenbine as he talks about the Underground Rail Road on American Black Journal.

Roy Finkenbine on American Black Journal