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Rev. Dean Brackley, S.J. Fundraising Dinner

Join CLASA, HASA, University Ministry, Catholic Studies Program, and Jesuit Community at UDM for these special events in memory of Rev. Dean Brackley, S.J.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Student Center, Fountain Lounge

  • 6:45 p.m.: Music by Tim Greenia
  • 7 p.m.: Pre-dinner talk by Mary Anne Perrone - Report on the SOA Watch delegation trip to El Salvador for the 33rd Anniversary of Archbishop Oscar Romero’s death
  • 7:30 p.m.: Dinner: Meal provided by Pupusería y Restaurante Salvadoreño
  • 8:15 p.m.: Post-dinner talk by Dr. Miny Romero - Head of the Medical clinic and doctor for the Society of Jesus in El Salvador

Fundraiser dinner for Dean Brackley S.J.’s UCA Jesuit Martyrs Scholarship Fund To enable Salvadoran students to attend Universidad Centroamericana (UCA), the Jesuit University in El Salvador.

For information on purchasing dinner tickets, view the flyer, or contact David Nantais of University Ministry. Send inquiries to or call 313-993-1560. The event and dinner is free to students who RSVP 72 hours before the event by writing to HASA at


Dean Brackley, S.J., b. Aug. 9, 1946, d. Oct. 16, 2011, was a Jesuit and theologian committed to social justice. He volunteered to take the place of the slain Jesuits of UCA in 1990, leaving a teaching position at Fordham University. He had earlier completed his doctorate in theology at University of Chicago in 1980, and spent ten years working with a church-sponsored community group called South Bronx People for Change, before teaching at Fordham. Author of The Call to Discernment in Troubled Times: New Perspectives on the Transformative Wisdom of Ignatius of Loyola (2004), Fr. Brackley taught this book and others at the UCA and ministered to a rural parish during his twenty one years there. He was the main supporter of this scholarship to enable Salvadoran students to attend UCA.

The UCA Martyrs Scholarship Program, From Dean Brackley’s letter of March, 2011: “At the Universidad Centroamericana (UCA) in El Salvador, the UCA Martyrs Scholarship Program began small, shortly after the civil war ended in 1992. It has grown slowly since then, and each year we try to improve it. At present approximately 50 students participate. They must fulfill three basic criteria: extreme economic need, academic potential and an attitude of service and collaboration…The scholarship program is named for the six Jesuits and two women who were murdered by the Salvadoran military at the UCA in 1989. It is administered at the Jesuit-run Centro Monseñor Romero (CMR), the site of the killings, by a committee of four professors… We have an average scholarship cost of about $900.00 a year per student… The UCA Martyrs Scholarship Program has given students from very poor communities in El Salvador the education they need to serve their wonderful, though impoverished, country. Please help us if you can by sponsoring a student or even by making a big donation that could help endow the project… The Jesuits of the Missouri Province, a 501c3 organization, recently agreed to serve as a conduit for tax-deductible contributions.” Here at UDM, our University Ministry office responded to a call that went out from Marquette University to all of the Jesuit universities in the US (currently 29). Noting that Dean Brackley, S.J., had been the driving force behind this scholarship, and noting that with his passing in October of 2011, the fund was in special need, all Jesuit universities were asked to help contribute to this fund. Gene Palumbo, a professor who teaches in El Salvador, alerted the Jesuits in the U.S. to the scholarship fund’s financial need. Tom Smolich, S.J., the president of the Jesuit Conference, made the request for help to the American Jesuit universities, and Greg Lucey, S.J. decided that “the most appropriate group within the AJCU to respond to such a plea is the Campus Ministry programs at our colleges and universities.” Fr. Ed Mathie from Marquette U. asked David Nantais here at UDM to help. Our second annual fundraiser here at UDM is our continued response to this national call. In March 2012 we raised $3,600, enough for three scholarships. CLASA became involved in organizing this event because it is consistent with the mission of CLASA to organize public programming on UDM’s campus to raise awareness of peace and justice issues concerning Latin America, and to foster solidarity of North Americans with Latin Americans, as was the passion of Fr. James “Guadalupe” Carney, S.J., our namesake. All of your donations for this cause are appreciated.


Dr. Miny Romero graduated from the University of El Salvador as a general practitioner. She completed her Internal Medicine Residency at Rosales National Hospital, the country's largest hospital, from 1997 to 1999. She graduated in Occupational Medicine at the University Jose Matias Delgado in 2005. Since 2001 she has been working at the University of Central America Jose Simeon Cañas (UCA), as head of the medical clinic. She is the doctor of the Society of Jesus in El Salvador. Dr. Romero will share her experience of Dean Brackley as a person, mentioning his values and commitments to peace and justice, and sharing what she knows of his personality and character, and how he spent the majority of his time in his last couple of years of life. She will also mention how he faced his major illness, not in great medical detail, but she will share aspects of this experience of his that might be inspirational to others.

Mary Anne Perrone is co-leading the SOA Watch March 2013 delegation to El Salvador. She has been a member of many recent SOA Watch delegations, including Honduras, Argentina and Uruguay. She will share her experiences, slides, and, reflections on the political, social and economic situation in contemporary El Salvador. Perrone was Principal of Our Lady of Guadalupe Middle School in Southwest Detroit. She has been active in Latin American solidarity work and advocacy for over thirty years. She is a member of CLASA’s advisory committee.