Carney Latin American Solidarity Archive

Welcome to the Padre Guadalupe Carney Latin American Solidarity Archive, a rare collection of Spanish and English books, human rights reports, independent newspapers and newsletters, and social justice papers.

Our archive houses more than 25 years of work by individuals and organizations working in solidarity to aid the people of Latin America. Learn about the life of our namesake, Padre Guadalupe, disappeared in Honduras in 1983. Review documents that evidence his family's mission to obtain information about his suspected torture and death. Read Padre Guadalupe's letters to his family prior to his disappearance. Use our spot on the Web as your point of contact for like-minded groups, and find others dedicated to grassroots movements, U.S. international policy, and global economic issues.

Most of all, use our site to investigate an infrequently taught aspect of history: the interconnection between Latin America and the United States.