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Why is Ask the Professor Host Matt Mio so perplexed?

Ask the Professor Host surrounded by ATP coffee mugs

Brand new, limited edition Ask the Professor coffee mugs have arrived and Matt Mio has to give them away! 
Ask the Professor is an unrehearsed show of questions and answers, where you, the audience, can try an stump the professors of University of Detroit Mercy.

All you need to do to be sipping your morning brew out of one of these fabulous mugs is to send in a list of questions and answers to producer Michael Jayson and if your questions stump the profs, we'll mail you a mug!  Send us your qustions through fax, tweet, email or web. all the info is on this page:

"Ask the Professor": One of the Longest Running
Broadcast Shows in the U.S.

University of Detroit Mercy's quirky quiz show has been on the air since the 1950s.

Today, the show is moderated by Matthew J. Mio, associate professor, chemistry  and biochemistry, the program features University of Detroit Mercy faculty members from history, philosophy, math, chemistry, communications and sociology.

This panel of professors is challenged by listeners who send in questions about nearly everything, in an attempt to stump the group. Communications Studies

students help produce the successful radio program, and each show is recorded and available as a podcast from iTunes.

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Episode Airdate
#1518 1/4/15
Host: Matt Mio