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Professional Readiness Exam-Teacher Education Required Tests

Pre-Teacher Education Students must take and pass the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification, Professional Readiness Exam (PRE) or have an approved alternative score prior to student teaching. The Professional Readiness Examination includes three subtests; Reading, Mathematics and Writing. Examinees must take and pass all three subtests before enrolling in student teaching.

If you have previously passed one or more Basic Skills Test subtests, your passing status for any Basic Skills Test subtest you passed will be accepted and you will not need to take and pass the corresponding Professional Readiness Examination subtest again. To pass the PRE, you must pass each of the subtests. If you do not pass one or more subtest of the PRE, you may retake only those subtests.


For more information regarding Professional Readiness Exam registration, test dates and scoring for the please go online at

Alternatives to taking the PRE


The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) allows students to use scores from the ACT or Michigan Merit Exam (MME) as alternatives to passing PRE scores. Score equivalencies are listed below.

Subset: Reading
ACT Minimum Accepted Score: 22
MME Minimum Accepted Score: 1116

Subset: Mathematics
ACT Minimum Accepted Score: 22
MME Minimum Accepted Score: 1108

Subset: English + Writing
ACT Minimum Accepted Score: 22
MME Minimum Accepted Score: 1129

The MDE will allow a combination of all three subscores (PRE, ACT, and MME) to meet their requirement.

OPTION 2: PRE Passing Score Alternative

The passing score for each PRE subtest is 220. If you have met or exceeded the passing score on two of the three PRE subtests, based on the date and the score of the third PRE subset area (with a score below 220) you may be considered to have passed the PRE as a whole.  To find out if your third subset score meets the alternative visit the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification website at

Please see the certification officer if you have ACT, MME or TWO PRE passing scores that meet the minimum score requirement: 

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